Action items:

- iOS: Focus on Thursdays and Fridays when install activity is 27% higher than the first part of the week; reduce spend Mondays and Tuesdays when users are almost 20% less likely to download apps

- Android: Maintain campaign activity throughout the week as users download apps at a fairly consistent rate (biggest delta between Mondays and Tuesdays is 5%)


There are significant gaps between platforms in certain verticals so make sure to spend wisely if you have cross-platform apps

Action item

If you have a cross platform version of your app, try to pinpoint exactly what’s working in the version with the higher retention score – whether in your marketing or the app itself.

* Retention score factors day 1, day 7 and day 30 retention by giving different weights to each day: 20%, 30% and 50%, respectively


The retention rate of direct marketing channels is high across the board

SMS typically attracts customers already engaging with the brand's non-app properties (such as retail loyalty card holders). These users may have a strong pre-existing affinity for the brand, which would account for their increased retention

Higher rates of QR code adoption in Asia may contribute to higher Android retention rates, given Android's strong position in this market

Action item

Make sure to complement your paid marketing with owned channels as they deliver many loyal users.