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Avatar Karen Cohen Feb 15, 2018


App Store中有200多万个应用程序,Google Play中有350万个应用程序,而且每个月有超过200000个新的应用程序,发现应用程序是一个真正令人担忧的挑战。



You’ve Been Invited.
There is one key point that every business considering or instituting a WOMM strategy needs to think about: the user experience. The ultimate success or failure of your WOMM hinges on how you connect with your users; both the existing and the newly acquired user. Remember, no matter how generous your referral program is, if you don’t prompt the offer at the right time, in the right place and with the right user experience, you are going to fail.



AppsFlyer用户邀请建立于 OneLink 深度链接, 确保跨各个平台提供无摩擦的用户体验。


The Referrer
When an existing user wishes to ‘invite a friend’, he will be prompted to select how he’d like to spread the word; SMS, email or social. A (deep) link will be automatically generated for easy sharing through the desired channel.


Once the invite is sent, you will be able to track the users that are most likely to invite friends, as well as their preferred channels, by generating a custom in-app event or using the ready-made trackInviteSent in-app event already encapsulated in the User Invites’ API.

The New User
As mentioned before, links generated by ApssFlyer’s user invites are deep links. As such, when the new user clicks on the invite’s link received, he will be sent to the specific in-app destination directly-regardless of whether or not he has previously installed the app (first routed to the app store in the latter case). 



Amplify the Effectiveness of User Invites [Tips]

  1. 富有创意: 避免虚拟文本。请认真对待。花一些时间,根据您已经了解的用户信息来开发有创意和个性化的内容。用户很聪明,在AppsFlyer的控制面板上对用户的细分有深入的了解,您也是如此。
  2. 个性化: 使用推荐人的用户信息使新用户使用引导体验个性化。例如,如果你在玩游戏,就不发送常规消息,而是用个性化的消息来欢迎新用户,比如“嘿,约翰!在你完成教程后,加入你朋友米歇尔的史诗级战斗吧”。
  3. 激励: 给用户一个连接的充分理由。关键是在适当的时间给予适当的激励。每家公司都会有所不同。根据不同行业的具体情况,您可能希望对用户愿望清单中的项目提供折扣,在游戏中解锁更多的级别,或者在存储空间快要不足时提供更多的存储空间。
  4. Optimize: Never stop evaluating your performance and making course corrections. Adaptability and agility are key to long-term, sustainable growth.

Bottom Line

Mobile today is more agile and fragmented than it has ever been. While every existing user can lead to an opportunity, it’s important to do things the right way. 


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