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Display fraud is a class of fraud where criminals defraud advertisers and networks running CPM media. Common types of display fraud include ads on pop-unders and ad stacking. Similarly, impression fraud is the reporting of impressions that did not actually occur. Fraudulent impressions are often sent by apps that appear to be otherwise legitimate, bots and unsavory publishers.

目标:CPM 和视频观看类广告系列

  • Real-Time Protection
    Block impression reports from IP addresses known to send fraud. When evaluating an IP blacklist solution, look for a mix of industry-standard blacklists and economies of scale (massive, first-party data) for maximum protection. Set up automated alerts to look for SiteIDs or networks with particularly low impression-to-click conversion rates at scale.
  • Display Fraud Detection
    Look for media sources, campaigns, SiteIDs or even geos with high numbers of impressions, low click rates and substandard install and retention rates. Take corrective action as needed.
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