From zero to infinity - we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re just getting started without an advertising budget, a growing startup, or a fortune 500 company, we have the right plan for you


Zero budget marketing Free for life

Free software tools and APIs for marketers, product managers, and developers that help improve user acquisition, web-to-app journeys, and user experience - all with no advertising budget. Create free account

Free forever - no credit card required

Top products included:

  • OneLink - deep linking
  • 智能横幅
  • Smart redirect
  • Web-to-app journey
  • Referrals & user invites
  • Email, SMS & QR codes
  • Social media posts
  • Branded links
  • Cross-promotions


Starting with paid marketing Pay as you grow

Attribution and analytics software for startups and small businesses that are launching and scaling with limited advertising budgets. Create free account

No commitment - 7¢ / conversion

Everything in Zero, plus:

  • 移动归因
  • 群组和留存报告
  • 活跃数据控制面板
  • Custom dashboard
  • Live Alerts
  • Email support


Scaling with paid marketing Custom plans

Enterprise-grade plans for brands who want to maximize paid marketing ROI, while achieving the highest degree of data accuracy, security, privacy, flexibility, and support. 索取演示

Or create your free account

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • 基于用户的归因
  • Xpend - cost reporting
  • Protect360 - fraud protection
  • 受众细分
  • Data streams and API access
  • Advanced engagement features
  • Dedicated success manager

Special offer: Get free measurement for your first 12,000 conversions, and access to AppsFlyer’s add-ons free for 30 days!

“OneLink deep linking technology is one of the most powerful tools in Letgo’s marketing toolbox. In just one year, we boosted the number of app installs coming from our website by 35% using Onelink-powered Smart Banners.”

Adrián Sarasa Director of Mobile User Acquisition

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Want to know which plan is right or you? Here are all the details.

Deep linking, engagement & user journey
OneLink - Deep Linking
Platform-agnostic, smart app store redirection
Custom domain and subdomain selection (branded links)
Deep linking and custom redirection
iOS Universal Links & Android App Links
Support for on all devices, OS and channels
Domestic China deep linking support
Custom short links
WYSIWYG editor
Configurable dismissal behavior
Configurable frequency capping
Geo location-based banners
Web-to-app journeys
Scheduled banners
Referrals & User invites
Social media landing pages
ESP integrations
OneLink API
+ Add-on
Real-time mobile measurement and reporting
Configurable rich in-app events
Pre-install attribution
Domestic China support
Out-of-store attribution
Configurable lookback windows
Targeting Validation Rules
API & data management with partners
Real-time cross-device and web attribution
+ Add-on
Web-to-app journeys and KPIs
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
Full people-based raw data
+ Add-on
Geo and time-based attribution
+ Add-on
OTT Attribution
SDK/S2S integrations with all major OTT platforms
+ Add-on
SDKs and plugins
Supporting all major platform & plugins
SDK-less (S2S API integration)
Real-time campaign optimization reporting
Holistic performance review
Dynamic retention filters
Flexible filtering and grouping
User lifetime performance
Saved views
Custom dashboard
Real-time, configurable dashboards
Drag & drop interface
Customized widgets
Real-time app usage reporting
High-level insights (DAU, MAU, Sessions)
Unique daily in-app events
Compare activity
LTV analytics
Real-time user-level LTV reporting
Multiple filters and groupings
Live Alerts
Campaign performance live alerts
Integrates with various communication channels
AppsFlyer on the go
iOS & Android mobile apps
Real-time Marketing Analytics and LTV reporting
Predefined and/or custom pivot reports
LTV, Retention & Activity KPIs
Saved views
Retargeting analytics
Real-time retargeting reports
LTV for retargeting campaigns
Advanced Analytics & APIs
Programmatic Cohort Analytics API
+ Add-on
Aggregated data API (Master API)
+ Add-on
Export to CSV / JSON
Data aggregation & ingestion
Xpend - cost aggregation
Basic ad spend reporting
Real-time, ad spend aggregation and reporting
+ Add-on
Cost API integrations
+ Add-on
CSV uploads
+ Add-on
Data corrections
+ Add-on
Retargeting cost
+ Add-on
User-level ad revenue attribution API
+ Add-on
Exclusive Facebook IAA campaign-level ROAS measurement
+ Add-on
Clear distinction between in-app purchases and ad revenue
+ Add-on
Audiences: audience segmentation
Custom audiences
Exclusion lists
A/B split testing
Incrementality measurement
Dynamic sync with 45+ API partners
Audience size and overlap visualization
Audience ingestion through CSV/API
Protect360: fraud protection
Basic fraud protection
Advanced fraud protection
+ Add-on
Advanced behavioral biometrics
+ Add-on
+ Add-on
Post-attribution protection
+ Add-on
Advanced anomaly detection
+ Add-on
In-app event and CPA fraud protection
+ Add-on
Transparency to networks and agencies
+ Add-on
Fraud validation rules
+ Add-on
Raw data and advanced analytics APIs
Push API
Pull API
Data Locker
Export CSV
6,000+ integrations
Media partners
Direct publishers & SRNs
China domestic ad networks
Marketing partners
Technology partners
Product analytics
Campaign management
Data aggregation

Still got questions?

Is the Zero plan really free?

Yes, the Zero plan is absolutely free. This plan includes access to AppsFlyer’s engagement features for free. For life.

How do I switch or upgrade to a different plan?

You can switch or upgrade to a different plan at any time by simply heading over to “my plan” under your account within the AppsFlyer platform.

Is there a free trial for paid plans?

Both the Zero and Growth plans enjoy a special, one-time bonus: 12,000 free measured conversions and AppsFlyer’s add-ons free for 30 days as a welcome package. This is non-inclusive to premium features included in the Enterprise plans.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is a successful app install or user action that your efforts drove and that you measured with AppsFlyer. This can be an app install, a re-engagement, or a re-attribution driven by a campaign that you are measuring with AppsFlyer. “Organic” installs or actions, those that AppsFlyer does not attribute, are not counted as conversions.

What are AppsFlyer's enterprise premium features?

Premium features include API access, Protect360 - Fraud Protection Suite, Audiences - Audience Segmentation, Data Locker, and more.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and (in select countries) direct debit.