Not at your desk? Not a problem!

Deep, dynamic reporting dashboards are amazing when you are in front of your computer. But what about all those other times when you need quick access on-the-go? The AppsFlyer Mobile App, now available on both Android and iOS makes measuring your mobile performance on-the-go simple and straightforward.

Raising The Bar For Mobile Reporting

We’ve all been there. You aren’t at your desk, when something urgent pops up. You need to access your marketing performance data, but sitting down with your laptop isn’t an option.

  • You just launched a big campaign, and an idea pops into your head while waiting in line for your coffee.
  • You are packed into a bus on your way into the office and want check that new media partner’s performance for your morning presentation.
  • You are at the big game when you get an email from the CEO asking about a problematic GEO’s performance.

Mobile app marketing campaigns run 24/7 and marketers need easy access to their performance data even when they are not sitting at their desks.

The AppsFlyer Mobile App provides marketers with the easy access and fast insights they need, right from their mobile phones. Available on both iOS and Android with support for English, Japanese and Chinese (and more to come), the AppsFlyer Mobile App ensures that the data you need never more than a click away.

Easily navigate across all your apps.


Drill down using dynamic filters and group-bys.

Your favorite metrics and KPIs are built right in.


See something interesting?
Share it with your team, right from the app!


“The AppsFlyer Mobile App exceeded all our expectations. At Ctrip, our mobile marketing performance data is our lifeline. The ability to navigate my mobile performance data on-the-go in a simple and intuitive interface and at this speed… this app has become an integral part of our real-time marketing tech stack on a daily basis.”

Hua Xing, Mobile Operations Manager

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