Secure, post-compilation SDK, hashing and additional security measures block fraudulent install events, replayed events and rehashing before a single install or event is recorded.

Automated Protection Against




Blocks IP addresses and SiteIDs identified as actively perpetrating fraud.

Automated Protection Against




DeviceRank blocks attribution of clicks, installs and in-app activity from devices known to be fraudulent.

Automated Protection Against


Devices identified as part of device farms.

Device farms running DeviceID Reset Fraud


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Automated Protection Against


使用App Store / Google Play验证安装(iOS版)和收入交易(iOS和Android)。

Automated Protection Against


AppsFlyer maintains an active bot signature database, blocking installs from both server-based and on-device malware based bots in real time. With over 1 trillion new datapoints generated every month, AppsFlyer's scale allows Protect360 to identify and block bots faster and more accurately.

Automated Protection Against

Server-based bots

Malware-based bots and botnets

Behavioral anomalies

As fraudsters have advanced, some have developed the ability to send click, install and in-app event reports.

Protect360 automatically analyzes behavioral patterns and identifies non-human behavioral patterns. These non-human behavioral anomalies are flagged and further validated by our data scientists. Sub-publishers trafficking in this non-human traffic are automatically cut off.

Automated Protection Against

Advanced fraudsters sending non-human traffic

Validation Rules

This proprietary platform allows marketers to define when installs should not be attributed based on a number of parameters, including fraud data. Includes the ability to define custom CTIT thresholds per app, region, partner or campaign. All settings are fully transparent to networks.

Automated Protection Against

Mismatched geo or app versions

Live Alerts

当满足特定事件或阈值时,通过电子邮件,松弛或AppsFlyer移动应用程序,通知您团队的正确成员,如高集中度或大量新设备 基于DeviceRankTM评级。

Automated Protection Against

Emerging sources of fraud


Machine learning continuously updates the Protect360 platform. Fraud blacklists, DeviceRank ratings, bot signatures and behavioral anomalies are updated based on over 35 billion new data points collected daily. Automatically blocks known fraud, and flags aberrant trends for further analysis by our data scientists.

Automated Protection Against


Fully Transparent Reporting

Detailed reporting on all fraud blocking, savings and activity in the dashboard, as raw data and via APIs. Account-level reporting provides cross-app savings and insights, with the option to dive deeper by app, geo, partner, campaign and more.

Dedicated fraud dashboards allow advanced marketers to dive even deeper into the data behind their fraud protection. Marketers can even provide their ad network partners with access to a full fraud analysis of their traffic, so networks can improve their traffic.


Uncertainty about the ROI of your fraud investments


The transparency challenges of fraud blocking