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Zeroed IDFAs iOS 14
Gal Brill Gal Brill Oct 28, 2020
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"The untold story about zeroed IDFAs on iOS 14 devices

On September 16th of this year, the highly-anticipated iOS 14 was widely released to the public. While the industry knew this version was due to come out sometime in September, Apple gave developers less than 24 hours’ notice about the public release date. Unlike previous years, this year the new iOS was released ahead of…

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Mobile ad fraud flying under the radar Michel Hayet

Flying under the radar

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Michel Hayet Sep 21, 2020
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Announcing Xpend: AppsFlyer' cost aggregation product Gal Brill

Announcing Xpend

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Gal Brill Sep 10, 2020
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SKAdNetwork Simulator by AppsFlyer Barak Witkowski

Announcing: SKAdNetwork Simulation Dashboard

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Barak Witkowski Sep 03, 2020
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