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Igal Frid Igal Frid Oct 22, 2020
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"Why a new game classification in the app stores is in order

In 1997 we were introduced to ‘Snake’: a simple, intuitive, and addictive mobile game. It didn’t have ads or in-app purchases, and there were no game loops or incentives. So much has happened since — the smartphone was born and the rest is history. In the early 2010s the free-to-play (F2P) or Freemium model was…

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Mobile ad fraud flying under the radar Michel Hayet

Flying under the radar

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Michel Hayet Sep 21, 2020
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Announcing Xpend: AppsFlyer' cost aggregation product Gal Brill

Announcing Xpend

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Gal Brill Sep 10, 2020
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SKAdNetwork Simulator by AppsFlyer Barak Witkowski

Announcing: SKAdNetwork Simulation Dashboard

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Barak Witkowski Sep 03, 2020
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Web campaign-to-app Ram Bercovich

The web campaign-to-app opportunity

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Ram Bercovich Oct 01, 2020
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SKAdNetwork conversion values iOS14 Barak Witkowski

Who should own the conversion value in SKAdNetwork?

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Barak Witkowski Aug 25, 2020
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