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incrementality test guide for marketers
Michal Wagner Michal Wagner Jan 14, 2021
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"Everything marketers need to know about incrementality testing

How do you know, for real, the money you are spending on marketing is money well spent? How do you know if your ads are actually impacting consumer behavior?  The truth is only a certain type of measurement can answer this question with absolute clarity. It’s called incrementality testing. Incrementality testing measures the true, and…

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2020: An exercise in mastering change - AppsFlyer Oren Kaniel

2020: An exercise in mastering change

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Oren Kaniel Jan 06, 2021
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Xpend feature updates 2020 Danielle Nissan

Xpend: 6 High impact product updates

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Danielle Nissan Dec 16, 2020
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5 tips for measuring your mobile ROI Paul Wright

5 tips for measuring your mobile ROI

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Paul Wright Dec 02, 2020
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misconceptions about SKadNetwork AppsFlyer Barak Witkowski

5 wrong assumptions advertisers have about SKAdNetwork

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Barak Witkowski Nov 24, 2020
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