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Scaling A Global Mobile User Base In FinTech

  • 7X
    Faster Growth
  • 4X
    User Loyalty
  • 3.5X
    App Engagement


IQ Option, Ltd. was founded in early 2013 by a passionate team who saw a need for a different class of online trading experience. From their state-of-the-art platform through world-class support, IQ Option takes great pride in delivering experiences that traders truly enjoy. 5 years later, the company is now among the industry leaders, with over 20 million of client accounts worldwide. Initially designed for options trading only, the IQ Option trading engine now supports a variety of instruments, such as Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Options – a tool exclusive to IQ Option.


Heading into 2017, IQ Option looked to grow their mobile user base, finding new partners that can bring quality users, at scale and around the world. As the team brought new partners on board, some of their performance raised suspicions of fraud. The team had big ambitions, and they needed a marketing growth stack partner who could help them meet their global growth goals without increasing their internal headcount.


IQ Option put their mobile performance data at the center of a multifaceted, agile growth strategy.

Improving Agility, Embracing New Markets

As IQ Option scaled, the team began testing dozens of new campaigns and targeting strategies. AppsFlyer’s preconfigured partner integrations improved IQ Option’s marketing agility, allowing them to test new partners and campaigns without needing to wait for new SDK implementations. When approaching new markets, IQ Option worked closely with AppsFlyer’s in-market teams to optimize their local impact. For example, AppsFlyer’s in-market resources helped IQ Option understand the asian, android third party app store landscape and introduced the team to local solutions providers.

A Unique Approach to Driving Scale and User Quality

IQ Option developed a proprietary, multi-tiered media optimization model. In addition to normal media buying, IQ Option created two first-party affiliate networks; one for partners that preferred media metrics (CPI, CPA) and one for revenue sharing partners. Using AppsFlyer’s data, the team was able to attribute every conversion, delivering cost effective, high-quality users while ensuring healthy revenue opportunities for their affiliate partners.

Tackling Fraud

Often, the most cost effective mobile traffic was also heavily polluted by fraud. IQ Option added Protect360’s automated fraud protection to their marketing tech stack, blocking bad traffic at its source, as well as protecting their organic installs from hijacking. The team further leveraged Protect360’s advanced reporting to provide the concrete evidence needed for timely corrective action with networks.

Understanding and Improving OmniChannel Marketing ROI

As a customer-oriented FinTech company, IQ Option’s most important KPI is their customer experience. A strong customer experience leads to better retention and ultimately to a healthier business. To measure the impact of their marketing and customer focussed strategies, the IQ team integrated their AppsFlyer media cost, attribution, in-app engagement and retention data into their BI platform. By matching their mobile marketing data with their cross-channel user activity, the team was able to accurately determine the real-time ROI of every investment they made.


Over their first twelve months focussing on mobile growth, IQ Option saw incredible progress. IQ Option multiplied their quarterly growth rate by 7x. By carefully measuring and managing their media spend, customer experience, user retention and ROI, they successfully quadrupled their mobile user loyalty and increased their in-app engagement by 3.5x. Lastly, by taking a proactive stance against mobile fraud with Protect360, IQ Option has consistently maintained high quality traffic at the right cost.



We were initially attracted to AppsFlyer’s data quality and accuracy. We’re consistently pleased with AppsFlyer’s dedication to support and customer success. The fraud savings exceeded all of our expectations.
Artem Pachko, Head of Growth