How Socialpoint levelled up their campaign segmentation game
Success Story

How Socialpoint levelled up their campaign segmentation game


Since launching in 2008, Socialpoint have become World leaders in the highly competitive social gaming sector. Thanks to their innovative spirit, the Barcelona based studio has enjoyed incredible success with their broad portfolio of games. Titles, including Dragon City, Monster Legends and Word Life have been downloaded over 300 million times.

Socialpoint’s Product Marketing Manager, Michael Jessen, has worked closely with AppsFlyer since 2015. In 2019 Michael started working with Adjoe to better understand how their unique Playtime Ad Unit could work for Socialpoint.


By its nature, social gaming is a low-margin business. Success relies on acquiring new users cost effectively and driving revenue from in-app purchases and advertising. Michael wanted to explore new and innovative ways to drive up the profitability of their advertising spend. For Socialpoint, this meant identifying their most valuable audience, and continuously reengaging them to earn their loyalty and improve retention. The ultimate goal was to find a successful advertising approach that could be scaled up to maximise profits for their Dragon City game. To achieve this, Socialpoint made the strategic decision to explore the concept of rewarded ad platforms, which led them to Adjoe. 


Adjoe gives marketing managers a fresh and creative approach to user acquisition. That approach relies on their time based rewarded ad format Playtime. Playtime rewards users for the time spent engaging with the ads. The concept is simple, but highly effective. Users of Android games that engage with Playtime ads are rewarded with their games highly prized in-app currency. The real power of Adjoe’s Playtime lies in its segmenting capabilities which gives Michael the opportunity to identify their most profitable users. This means Socialpoint can create segments based on age, gender, mobile interests and operating system.

To understand who their most profitable users are, Socialpoint relies on AppsFlyer Audiences. AppsFlyer makes sense of the all-important post-install data which helps Socialpoint identify which users drive the most value. It’s the central pillar of the partnership.

Thanks to the combination of AppsFlyer data and Playtime’s segmenting power we have been able to scale the adjoe Socialpoint partnership by a factor of 4 since last year. By offering granular targeting and optimizing campaigns towards the most profitable users. Most profitable users are determined by the IAP and user-level ad revenue data from AppsFlyer.
Michael Jessen. Product Marketing Manager, Socialpoint


Working in partnership with AppsFlyer and Adjoe has helped Socialpoint confidently scale up campaigns for their hugely successful Dragon City title. In one US campaign they successfully reached their best quality users by applying advanced segmentation which includes focusing on criteria such as age, gender, and operating system within their premium tier A traffic sources. After an initial test campaign, Socialpoint and adjoe developed an advanced strategy to dynamically segment their top-performing users. Due to the success of this strategy they incrementally scaled up ad spend over a period of three months. This campaign succeeded because Socialpoint has the ability to consistently hit their key KPI goals.


Looking forward

Michael and his team of fellow Socialpointers have enjoyed remarkable success with their AppsFlyer and Adjoe collaboration. They’re looking to build on that by applying everything they’ve learned with Dragon City to the rest of their portfolio. And, that includes the new, exciting titles set for launch in the not-too-distant future. Michael and his team will continue to work closely with AppsFlyer and Adjoe to drive even more value from the partnership. One thing is clear, whether they’re developing games or refining their approach to mobile marketing, Socialpoint will continue to be driven by innovation.