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How Swisscom leveraged AppsFlyer’s Help Center

How Swisscom Leveraged AppsFlyer’s Help Center


Swisscom is the largest teleco in Switzerland. Their success is built around their ability to offer the best possible customer experience. That experience is, in part, supported by the My Swisscom App. The app allows customers to self-serve solutions to any issues they have or requests they’d like to make. Whether it’s requesting a Wi-Fi password, looking up bill status or ordering a new SIM card – the app makes the process as frictionless as possible.

My Swisscom’s Product Owner Adrian Wüthrich needed to provide a solution to marketing in order for them to optimise promotion campaigns. The goal was to promote the app as effectively as possible with a slim budget. He chose AppsFlyer to overcome this challenge.


Adrian leads a team of 8 that are responsible for making sure more Swisscom customers take advantage of the My Swisscom App. As with many telecos, maximising self-serve customer support is a key part of their strategy. Adding AppsFlyer to their marketing stack was an important step. But it was also completely new territory.

Adrian needed to provide and implement a tool that would allow Swisscom’s marketing department to tightly optimise their campaigns. This was critical to help the team make the most of a relatively limited budget.

In addition, he was responsible for educating key stakeholders at Swisscom. This included the legal team who needed to understand the flow of data and how that related to privacy law.


Adrian educated himself and provided knowledge to his colleagues thanks to two things. His Customer Success Manager, Valentina Bolcato, and AppsFlyer’s Help Center. The Help Center is AppsFlyer’s knowledge base. It’s what Adrian uses to make the most of their AppsFlyer experience. It’s easy to navigate and provides everything from high-level descriptions to in-depth technical explanations.

“AppsFlyer’s Help Center is simple and easy to understand. It feels like it’s made for everyone. It’s well structured, easy to read and I like the fact I can easily print screens or pages and forward them to my colleagues. It’s really well done. What’s surprised me a lot is that it’s regularly updated. In many cases I can see it was updated 2 or 3 days ago which I really like.”

If he needs a more human explanation to his particular challenge he turns to Valentina.

“Valentina is very flexible to our way of working. She’s always very quick to respond and regularly suggests a call to talk through the issue. Valentina had the ability to strike a superb balance between me as a business product owner and our developers.”


Adrian now has a much deeper understanding of AppsFlyer. He shared that knowledge with his colleague Flühler Daniela, and together they’ve educated their team, secured buy-in and created better optimisation strategies. In one case he was able to illustrate AppsFlyers data privacy practices to Swisscom’s legal team by aggregating Help Center content.

“The Help Center content has really helped me. And, although I studied marketing, I’ve learned a lot more about digital and mobile marketing through the articles I’ve read. More significantly, without AppsFlyer we would never have been able to make the case for increasing our marketing budget. The ability to prove that our ROI was higher than other Swisscom campaigns gave everyone confidence.”


One of the new things Adrian discovered was AppsFlyers OneLink feature. It’s the next stage of My Swisscom’s mobile marketing strategy. It will allow them to use deep-link technology to direct more customers to the My Swisscom App.

Having witnessed the success that My Swisscom App has experienced, two further Swisscom apps are thinking of integrating AppsFlyer. And, wherever Adrian’s AppsFlyer journey takes him, he’s confident he’ll have the knowledge to make the most of the tools available.