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Audience management for optimal remarketing at scale AppsFlyer Audiences gives you the accuracy and flexibility you need to create precise segments and engage in relevant, meaningful conversations with your users.

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Connect with your users at the optimal time with the right message

Go beyond network limits by easily creating every type of audience based on extensive behavioral data.

Using sophisticated segmentation logic, you can layer on advanced rules for flexible audience creation at scale while keeping audiences dynamically refreshed.

Easily search, build, and manage your audiences

With full transparency into your audience pool, you can confidently orchestrate your retargeting strategy with your preferred partners.

Activate, take bulk action, and keep dynamic audiences refreshed at all times from one centralized dashboard.

Visualize the size and overlap of your audiences

AppsFlyer’s foolproof Venn diagrams help you visualize the size, overlap, and inclusion or exclusion of segments in real-time.

Understand how your audiences relate to each other to confidently target the right audience with the right message.

Surface insights to take immediate action using AppsFlyer's advanced analytics

Full visibility into your raw data gives you the baseline you need to sharpen your remarketing efforts before you even spend your first dollar.

With a comprehensive view of performance and attribution data, you can easily leverage insights for more accurate incrementality measurement.

Keep all of your additional audiences under one roof

Directly import custom audiences into AppsFlyer to sync your entire marketing tech stack.

You can easily include or exclude users engaging with additional marketing campaigns (push, in-app ads, or email) to ensure the most efficient spend of your marketing budget.

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One-Click Connection

Managing manual one-off data syncs with each provider is a thing of the past. With AppsFlyer’s extensive list of pre-configured API integrations, syncing to partners takes just one click.

Incremental Testing

AppsFlyer’s split audience feature gives you full transparency into the real impact of your retargeting campaigns. Easily set up an A/B test with automated hold out groups to accurately measure your campaign’s incremental lift using your own trusted attribution data.

Work across multiple partner networks in tandem while ensuring that your test environment is kept clean from additional signals that may affect results.


Exclude Existing Users from User Acquisition Campaigns

Avoid wrongfully acquiring your existing users when launching on new networks by using exclusion lists.

Exclusion lists are updated automatically on an ongoing basis, to ensure that your user acquisition campaigns remain clean, and effective.

Real-Time Size Estimates and Overlap Diagram

Avoid communicating duplicate or contradicting messaging across various networks at the same time by understanding exactly where your audiences overlap.

Easily visualize your retargeting strategy to efficiently spend your marketing budget and provide an optimal experience for your users.

Build micro-segments for ultimate personalization

Leverage rich in-app events and attributes such as product type, category, and SKU to refine segments even further. Do more with your data by leveraging behavioral traits for a more personalized user experience.

Go deeper with your data for advanced retargeting

Use additional attributes from your custom data (BI or CRM) to provide personalized messaging for users and reach them at the optimal time.

Data Ownership

It's Your Data In Your Control

Security and Privacy: AppsFlyer

Some marketers are hesitant to share their sensitive data with network partners. As a result, they are limited in their ability to both target and re-engage users on certain partner networks.

AppsFlyer’s advanced Audiences platform helps savvy marketers deliver better targeting and re-engagement, without compromising their data.

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Nykaa boosts ROI and optimizes their audience strategy with AppsFlyer’s Audiences

Find out how Nykaa tackled two major challenges with both their user acquisition efforts and retargeting campaigns using AppsFlyer’s Audiences.

I’m a team of one. AppsFlyer’s Audiences has been able to expedite my timeline to get things up and running quickly. Over the course of 2 months with the focus on scaling our retargeting program, I’ve been able to double our marketing spend without expanding my team or resources.

-Chris Del Bene, Senior Digital Marketing Associate

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