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Campaign-level IAA ROAS measurement in partnership with Facebook Audience Network

First-to-market partnership with Facebook Audiences Network: Campaign-level ROAS measurement

Campaign-Level IAA ROAS measurement allows game publishers to attribute granular ad revenue from Facebook Audience Network back to the user acquisition source, letting them more accurately optimize for their highest valued users.

This first-to-market partnership with Facebook means that game publishers can now use their trusted attribution data to more accurately calculate ROAS and the true LTV of their users.

With this new profound insight, Facebook Audience Network together with AppsFlyer are providing an instrumental foundation for more precise optimization for gaming publishers.

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How does the data-transfer process work?
– Through a seamless API integration that will provide the total revenue generated by a specific cohort of users on a specific day
– AppsFlyer, as the attribution provider, can identify which campaign or ads a specific cohort of users are attributed to and which user acquisition source was used to acquire those users
– In turn, advertisers can calculate the return on ad spend at the deepest granularity possible from revenue generated via Facebook Audience Network alongside the revenue from other network’s revenue for a complete picture of their ROI calculation.

Who is it for?
Any app publisher and advertiser that monetizes through Facebook Audience Network, uses in-app advertising as a revenue stream, and runs user acquisition campaigns.

How do I get started?
We invite all app publishers to sign up for this exciting beta and take part in the next stage of this launch. 

Expect to hear from AppsFlyer regarding the next steps after signing up. We look forward to working with you!


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