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Get the leading
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platform free, for life.

We make acquiring your first users easy with comprehensive mobile attribution, advanced deep linking, and free attribution for your first 12,000 conversions.

Maximize your marketing budget by attributing every install to the right media source

Leverage the industry’s most accurate data to run impactful product experimentation

Create user journeys that convert and increase in-app engagement using deep links that work every time

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Product Manager

Reliable deep links built for awesome user experience that work every time

It’s easy to lose users to broken journeys. That’s why we built the most reliable and easy-to-implement deep linking platform in the market. Unlike other universal mobile deep linking platforms, OneLink works with the latest iOS and Android builds, across every single platform, app, and environment, without the need for custom configurations or interstitials.

Product Manager

Product experimentation made more accurate and cost efficient

To make informed product development decisions you need accurate data from active users. This can be a challenge for new apps, who are still working to build their user base. We help you acquire your first users, while keeping down costs, so you can run impactful product experimentation to guide future development.


A better way to unleash the potential of your owned media

If you’re just starting, or have limited options when it comes to ad spend, a zero budget approach that focuses on optimizing owned media is the perfect way to acquire new users while keeping down costs. Creating seamless customer journeys that move users from mobile web, emails, and social media to the right place in your app faster and without any friction can help you achieve your user acquisition goals at little to no cost.

With the support of AppsFlyer, we were able to significantly decrease our CPIs by creating the perfect web-to-app experience.