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Blocked In-App Events

What are Blocked In-App Events?

Blocked in-app events represent the in-app events blocked due to their association to blocked installs.

In-app events are meant to measure user behavior beyond the point of install in order to properly assess traffic quality delivered by publishers and media sources, sometimes rewarding them for reaching specific events like an in-app purchase or reaching a desired level. 


How This Works: 

Fraudsters constantly aim for high reward schemes. In-app events, offering additional rewards once reached, thus become a target.

An additional advantage gained by reaching in-app events is the appearance of a fraudulent user as an engaged one by less sophisticated fraud prevention tools.

Installs that were identified as fraudulent at the point of installation will still be under observation, as well as the in-app events they produce. Other installs that were not identified as fraudulent in real-time (see post attribution) and are showcasing fraudulent behavior patterns post install will also be included here.


Why AppsFlyer:

Protect360 identifies behavioral anomalies within users even beyond the installation event. Protect360 will not only block in-app events from a blocked installation identified as fraud, but also in-app events that originated from a seemingly legitimate install, later identified as fraudulent. 


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