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What is a Fraudster?

A fraudster is any entity operating within the digital ad space, applying a method of ad operations that is meant to bypass the legitimate and required advertising funnel definition in an attempt for easier/ quicker reward. 


Why is This Important?

A fraudster can be anyone, not only the hoodie covered hacker operating from a basement, but also a well established company, network or agency applying a harmful method in one of their operation channels. Vigilance is crucial when operating campaigns in the digital space, fraud has many shapes and forms and could strike at any time.


Why AppsFlyer:

With the advantage of having the largest mobile device database, AppsFlyer identifies and blocks fraud schemes in all level and types. Protect360 is the most advanced fraud prevention tool in the market, not only utilizing AppsFlyer’s massive device database, fraud rules and blacklists, but also customizeble to fit your individual app’s KPIs and measurements. 


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