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Life Time Value (LTV)


What is Life Time Value?

A user’s LifeTime Value (LTV) is calculated across a user’s engagement time with the app.
Operating with the consideration that not all users are similar and some are worth more than others help distinguish high quality sources from lower performing ones- rewarding them with appropriate payouts.


Why Is This Important?

By defining specific in-app events post the installation, smart marketers evaluate quality KPI’s, placing CPA postbacks accordingly to report once a user reached these events. In-app events can include a tutorial completion, in-app purchase, reaching a specific level etc. 

Evaluating media partners based on user LTV parameters can help weed out potentially fraudulent sources with low LTV KPI’s.


Why AppsFlyer:

AppsFlyer’s dashboard is primarily a tool designed to enable mobile marketers to optimize their non-organic traffic. Therefore, most of the event data displayed on AppsFlyer’s dashboard and reports is LTV-based data, with the rest being activity-based data.


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