Senior Backend Developer


At AppsFlyer’s back-end development group we shape and improve our micro-services architecture on a daily basis. We work closely with DevOps, Product and Business Development to provide the leading mobile analytics solution while using cutting edge technologies.
We have a totally transparent, very dynamic and highly technical development culture. We ship fast and very often, a matter of days or hours between coding to production, while safely handling 10+ billion system events on any given day.
AppsFlyer R&D strives to hire highly independent, innovative and responsible engineers who share our passion for technology, quality and speed.
If all of this sounds like you, don’t be a stranger, send your CV today!

Minimum Qualifications
    • Talented and clean coder – you write and like elegant code which works and is easily read and maintained
    • Proactive and innovative – don’t take the current state of things for granted
    • Quick to see the big picture – you can quickly grasp large complex system and flows
    • Production experience – you know what it’s like to have a live production system (which doesn’t always behave nicely)

Preferred Qualifications
  • Being recommended by an AppsFlyer employee
  • Experience in functional programming
  • Experience in developing SAAS platforms

The development approach at AppsFlyer is unique. We are always anticipating the next traffic leap and and adapting our technology, architecture and methodology to support this exponential growth in scale – now over 10 billion events a day! AppsFlyer Dev’s stellar professional team is very active in the hi-tech community releasing open source, writing tech posts for our blog and hosting coding meetups.