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Join AppsFlyer for an Out-of-This World Experience

Oren Kaniel Mar 02, 2015

AppsFlyer is seeking top-notch professionals with a pioneering spirit in a range of fields for our offices around the world. Get on board the AppsFlyer rocketship and help us reach the stars. Embark with us on a life-changing journey.

Why Work for Us?

AppsFlyer continues to grow and exponentially scale our groundbreaking mobile advertising analytics platform. AppsFlyer recently raised $20 million in a series B round, lead by Fidelity Growth Partners, catapulting the company forward at the speed of light. Our flat company structure cultivates a warm, close-knit team environment which values individuality and personal growth. Team members are encouraged to think out of the box and be creative. Mistakes are not something to be embarrassed about, but are rather core to learning and development.

Ideal Candidates to Join the Ride

We’re seeking candidates who are driven, entrepreneurial and have a sense of adventure. They should be team players who can also work independently. Candidates should be motivated by their unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning.

Our Beliefs

  1. We like super smart, out-of-the-box, all-in fearless team players
  2. Working for a corporate is riskier to your career than working for a small startup
  3. Making mistakes is human and a crucial part of learning
  4. Learning is endless
  5. “Entrepreneur” is a character type, not an occupation. We look for true entrepreneurs!
  6. Our clients are the most important thing to us. We have our clients in mind in every decision we make
  7. Success is never accidental
  8. We look forward to coming to work every single day! Work should be fun, challenging and satisfying.
  9. “Just do it” – is a way of life.
  10. Every project starts with a thought.

Our Vision

As the mobile advertising industry continues to move from infancy to maturity, mobile will increasingly consume most of the advertising budgets worldwide. The tipping point will come when ads stop being annoying and become a value-added service to users. We aspire to build a technology which is a catalyst for this revolution. AppsFlyer is the leading the way in how mobile ads are served by providing accurate and unbiased mobile advertising measurement and engagement analytics. We strive to build a technology that enables marketers to go “all-in” in mobile.

Get Ready for Take Off!

Check out our careers page for all of the latest openings. Dare to go, where no one has gone before. Looking forward to having your along for the ride.