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It’s All About Your Growth: 7 Amazing Updates from AppsFlyer

Avatar Jon Burg Aug 21, 2017

While we hope you’ve been out enjoying the sun, fresh air and warm weather, here at AppsFlyer we have been working hard to help you boost your mobile growth and performance. From cost reporting to audience enhancements, we’ve got you covered.

Cost and ROI Reporting from 7 More Major Networks!

Cost, eCPI, eCPA and ROI reporting is one of our most popular features, allowing marketers to easily and automatically measure their primary KPIs across media sources. We are proud to share that AppsFlyer now supports cost, eCPI, eCPA and ROI reporting for Apple Search Ads, Yahoo Gemini, ironSource, Yeahmobi, Cheetah Mobile and Fyber, as well as nearly 100 other media sources including Facebook and Google!


Audiences Now Syncs to Adobe, Snapchat, AppLovin and Pushspring!

We are excited to announce that Adobe Audience Manager, Snapchat, AppLovin and Pushspring have joined Facebook, InMobi, IronSource, TapJoy, Slack, Amazon S3 and Yahoo Gemini on our Audiences platform. This makes it easier than ever to seamlessly sync your audience segmentations right from your AppsFlyer dashboard, improving your retargeting, lookalike targeting, retention and more.


Apple Search Ads Postbacks for Partners

Working with a partner to manage your Apple Search Ads growth? With postback support, it is now easier than ever to collaborate, sharing your attributed installs and engagement as they occur.


Snapchat Now Has Full Attribution Hierarchy

Running campaigns on Snapchat? AppsFlyer now supports full attribution hierarchy reporting for Snapchat, including media source, ad squad (aka ad set), ad and creative.


2 HUGE NativeTrack™ Fingerprinting Upgrades

As part of our ongoing commitment to raise the bar for mobile attribution and marketing measurement, we have made two substantial upgrades to our NativeTrack™ fingerprinting solution. Firstly, we have addressed a little known, but a substantial issue in the fingerprinting space: shared IP addresses. Shared IP addresses, such as airport wifi or wifi on mass transportation provide an inaccurate signal for attribution fingerprint matching, and are now automatically excluded from our NativeTrack fingerprinting solution. Secondly, we have added a dynamic attribution timing capability based on the connection type – wifi, 3g or 4g, further enhancing the accuracy of our NativeTrack attribution platform.

With these updates, NativeTrack is now the world’s first and only adaptive fingerprinting solution, delivering stronger accuracy and data integrity for all AppsFlyer customers.


Are You Ready for Launchpad?
Launchpad is designed to help every AppsFlyer user find the right page, report or setting. This minimizes the learning curve for new users, and helps advanced users navigate across apps and reports with ease.

To open Launchpad in a PC simply hit ctrl + k, or cmd + k on a Mac. Type in your search term, and all matching results will instantly appear.

Want to jump from your My Apps page, straight to your retention report? Using Launchpad, select your app and then Retention Report to go straight there.

It’s that simple!

To learn more about these updates, please contact your AppsFlyer success manager or schedule your demo today.