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Playable Ads to Playable Apps – What You Need to Know

Abraham Yela (Guest Author) Feb 02, 2017

In today’s mobile advertising ecosystem, transparency, viewability and engagement are key factors in an app’s success. This was true in 2016 and even more so in 2017. With predictions that digital advertising will continue to evolve this year keeping in mind these factors, one of the big trends about to explode is the use of Playable Ads. These ad units allow users to try out a game before downloading an app. What makes them so effective in the current digital advertising climate is that they engage a user prior to an app install, thus improving transparency and the connection between advertiser and user pre-install. They also improve viewability – the user has to click on the ad and actually engage with it.

Playable Ads are undoubtedly one of the most useful tactics when it comes to convincing users to download your app, and ensure that they keep using your app over time.

So what benefits do Playable Ads bring to Apps?

Strong conversion rates. Playable Ads have extremely impressive conversion rates for various reasons. What they do is illustrate not only what a game’s gameplay looks like, but also what a game feels like to play. This creates a far more tangible experience than watching a game’s preview. Users get a real taste of the game and decide whether they like it or not. As little as 15 seconds can be played in real-time within the ad, allowing the user to experience the pivotal parts of the game and ultimately plays an important role in convincing the user to download the app.

Higher retention rates & LTV. Given that gamers have actually played the game, they know what to expect. Therefore, they are less likely to uninstall or not use the app. When expectations are properly set as in the case of playable ads, retention rates increase and with it usability. That offers developers a much stronger foundation on which to monetize their users.

Better earnings. Because of the improved interaction and click-to-install rates, playable ads are becoming an increasingly interesting option for publishers. Given the strong odds of acquiring high quality users, advertisers are more likely to pay for such gamers, making it a solid investment for publishers to get involved in.

Attractive creative. The beauty of playable ads is that they are created on HTML5, and are therefore suited for every navigator and browser. What’s more, it’s a form of advertising that is becoming more and more acceptable and is extremely user friendly – playable ads are non-intrusive and non-oppressive forms of advertising – the user chooses at their own will whether they wish to or not interact with the ad or not.

The most important thing is to capture the most gripping part of a game. It would be nonsensical to show a game’s early stages which are often slower and are unlikely to grip a gamer’s attention. However, if users can test the most thrilling parts of the game, they are more likely to convert and download. Remember, you’ve only got a 15 second shot at convincing users to convert and it’s got to be a very strong hook.

Ads are created on an HTML5 format and are built to work in all operating systems and browsers. Each ad contains a Call to Action enabling the user to download the app and show off the most attractive parts of the app. They are designed to last between 15-30 seconds with size depending on the app and client’s wishes.

Take a look and see how we do playable ads at mobusi:

Have we convinced you yet? In short, Playable Ads tick two important boxes: monetization and user experience. So if you’re looking for the right audience who will not just download your app but also is more likely to continue using it on an ongoing basis, Playable Ads are highly recommended.