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Hotstar is India’s media streaming giant. Today, it is the home for digital sports and entertainment streaming in the country and has set the global benchmark for the most number of viewers (25.3 million) watching a single live event (Cricket World Cup 2019). It offers over 100,000 hours of television and film content across 17 languages, and is synonymous with the live sports experience. Hotstar recently surpassed a key milestone of 300 MN MAUs largely due to their user acquisition efforts and the stickiness of their platform.


As a result of its consumer-focused product development, Hotstar sets a high bar on user engagement in their quest to improve retention rate. With this as a priority in mind, the Hotstar marketing team devised a robust strategy aimed to reactivate dormant users. They conducted audience segmentation across 7 different variables and targeted customer clusters across digital platforms with personalized communication based on their user’s media consumption history.


Targeting audience clusters with personalized ads

Hotstar wanted to reach out to users who had previously  interacted with their platform, but since then had gone dormant. AppsFlyer offered a solution to this scenario:

  • AppsFlyer data provides insight into rich in-app events. 
  • The Audience features delivered a very effective and advanced segmentation solution, creating audiences dynamically and automating the sync to partner networks

This also allowed the team to dive deeper into the consumption habits and content affinities of their users, and leverage them better for ad targeting. Taking these learnings into account, a communication strategy was devised with the goal to create personalized messaging that would reach the relevant users.

Thus, Hotstar’s overall communication strategy was built in a three-fold manner:

  1. Up-selling content: For users identified as only watching content similar to what they had previously seen, ads promoted fresh content that lay within similar genres to that of their interests. 
  2. Cross-selling content: The data suggested that users who watched content type A were also likely to watch content type B, type A users were then served ads that promoted type B content.
  3. The Story So Far: For users who had not been on the platform in the last 9- days, special ‘catch-up’ episodes were created for their favourite shows, which provided a round-up of what they missed out on during that period.

Once these audience clusters were created, they were automatically synced  from AppsFlyer to Facebook and the relevant audiences were targeted with personalized messaging.


By analyzing user media consumption behaviours, Hotstar created relevant audience segments using  AppsFlyer Audience tool, which enabled deeper customer insights for their Marketing Team. In addition, this allowed for personalized messaging and accurate targeting, spiking a growth of 27% in Hotstar’s reactivation rate.



AppsFlyer has been a great enabler for measurement & analysis of our digital campaigns. It has powered critical insights on channel & publisher performance which have helped us deliver outstanding business results on app adoption and retention.
Nitin Agarwal
VP Marketing