Success Story

Tackling Mobile Fraud While Building an eCommerce Powerhouse

  • 24%
    Boost in ROI due to fraud reduction
  • 2X
    Day 7 retention
    (Top 5 paid sources)
  • $100 Billion+
    Mobile Revenue


Founded in 2009, Tokopedia is the largest digital marketplace in Indonesia and one of the largest eCommerce platforms in APAC. As the price of smartphones and data connections have dropped, Indonesia has become an increasingly mobile-first market. Tokopedia is at the forefront of this dramatic shift.


The mobile app market took Indonesia by storm. As users flocked to smartphones and mobile apps, the local app marketplace became incredibly competitive. This strong competition resulted in weak user retention across the market. The Tokopedia team wanted to grow their user base and revenues while increasing their user retention.

While many in the industry were not yet aware of the scale or scope install fraud, the Tokopedia team is exceptionally data-savvy. Recognizing that install fraud was polluting their data, they set out to quantify the scope of this fraud. They discovered that their attribution provider was further inflating the cost of their install fraud, as they charged them for both attribution and in-app event measurement. As pioneers in the fight against mobile eCommerce install fraud, Tokopedia recognized that they needed a more advanced attribution partner.


Tokopedia upgraded their mobile attribution and marketing analytics to AppsFlyer. Using AppsFlyer’s comprehensive Active Fraud Suite, Tokopedia identified and actively addressed fraud across their network partners. By resolving the threat of install fraud Tokopedia saved money and gained more accurate data, allowing them to better optimize their campaigns in a highly competitive market.

Using AppsFlyer’s Activity, Cohort and Retention reports, Tokopedia’s marketing team tracked each user’s progress through their purchase funnel as well as their subsequent revenue activity. They then used AppsFlyer’s preconfigured integrations with dozens of their preferred ad networks to target audiences similar to their ideal user segments – those that advanced furthest in their purchase funnel. These deep integrations allowed Tokopedia to retarget the right users with the right messages, measuring and optimizing their media across nearly a dozen retargeting providers, without needing to add any new SDKs.


Using AppsFlyer’s Active Fraud Suite, Tokopedia addressed their sources of install fraud, improving their user acquisition and retargeting campaigns. By delivering the optimal mix of scale and revenue, they further improved their bottom line ROI.

These insights and marketing activities have had a profound impact on their bottom line performance. In just two years, Tokopedia’s mobile transactions now outpace desktop. Furthermore, in the last year alone, their Day 7 retention from their top five paid media sources doubled, and their Day 30 retention from that same segment improved 78%.

Clean, fraud-free data is the baseline for a strong mobile marketing practice. AppsFlyer’s solutions, from their anti-fraud tools through in-app events and retargeting have a substantial impact on our mobile ROI.
Doni Nathaniel Pranama, Tokopedia Head of Analytics & Internet Marketing