Success Story

Working Faster, Marketing Smarter

  • 2.3X
    increase in total installs
  • 40+%
    increase in gross profit for that title
AppsFlyer's deep integrations with over 2,000 partners and ad networks allow us to work faster while reducing our tech overhead, so we can focus on optimizing our advertising campaign performance.


Based in Dallas, TX, Game Circus ( was founded in 2010. Soon after, they produced Coin Dozer, a smash hit with over 100 million downloads to date. Game Circus has since expanded in size, both in terms of headcount and mobile video game offerings. They now manage and market a portfolio of games, scaling to over 250 million downloads worldwide. Game Circus continues to focus their efforts on bringing delightful games to the casual mobile video game market.


Marketing is both an art and a science. Their marketing team was pumping out beautiful ads. However, without the right data, it was difficult to react quickly to changes in the market or determine if the quality of users generated by certain ad channels was improving or declining over time. Additionally, the resource drain of manually adding SDKs and configuring postbacks for each new ad network was weighing down their development resources and slowing their marketing progress.


The marketing team knew that it was important to link attribution data to the engagement and LTV metrics they were monitoring at the game or campaign level. This would allow them to link their engagement and LTV data to the specific sources users came from. Additionally, they recognized the need to use a marketing-centric SDK that would allow them to easily add new networks and partners without needing to engage their developers every time. AppsFlyer was identified as the ideal partner.


Since adding AppsFlyer to their apps, GameCircus has (a) more effectively allocated their ad dollars to bring in the highest quality users, and (b) become far more agile, working with a number of new ad networks via their integrations with AppsFlyer. As a result, they have the agility, insight and confidence to spend and optimize their ad dollars more aggressively, delivering higher net profits across their titles.

For example, in the 3 month period after integrating AppsFlyer into Coin Dozer for iOS, Game Circus achieved a 2.3x increase in total installs and more than a 40% increase in gross profit for that title.

With AppsFlyer’s attribution tracking, we are able to quickly identify the best sources of our users for our games and optimize our marketing budgets and CPIs more effectively, improving the ROI on our advertising spend.