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I see all my campaigns in one dashboard and in real time. AppsFlyer gives you a clear view of your data, it’s very user friendly and the customer support is great!

Joanna Campos / オンラインマーケティングコーディネーター

Connect the Dots with Omni-Channel LTV

消費者が常に使用デバイスを切り替え、複数のタッチポイントで貴社のブランドと接点を持つ場合、データがサイロ化ではなくすべて連携されていると、最も優れたマーケティングROIの測定が可能になります。 口で言うのは簡単ですが、実行するのは難しいのが現実。ですが、シンプルなサーバー間統合で、AppsFlyerは、デスクトップやタブレットのウェブサイトまたは実店舗にて、インストール後の行動やリターゲティングが動因となった行動にキャンペーンがどのように影響を及ぼしたのかお客様に知らせることができます。そして、そこからよりスマートなキャンペーン最適化への道が設定されます。




Free Guide for eCommerce Marketers

Power up your campaigns by learning from specific use cases focusing on:

  • Rich in-app events measurement
  • Engagement uplift with retention & cohort reports
  • User journey mapping powered by multi-touch attribution and cross-device LTV
  • And more!

Go Beyond the Last Click
with Multi-Touch Attribution




AppsFlyer has developed the industry’s most advanced smart link solution to offer any user a non-disruptive experience in any scenario. Ideal for direct messaging, user invites/referrals, and personalized retargeting, OneLink will ensure seamless communication with your consumers.


Retargeting Enablement, Attribution & Analytics


By aggregating both “re-attributions” (users who re-installed an app) and “re-engagements” (users who have the app installed and performed a desired in-app inaction), we’ll help you to pinpoint the best performing retargeting networks, campaigns and creatives.

Making the Most of Facebook Custom Audiences Campaigns


As an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, AppsFlyer has access to device level data from your Facebook mobile app install campaigns. That means you’ll be able to create, measure and fully optimize Custom Audiences campaigns with this data.

AppsFlyer for TV Ads

Running a TV campaign during the holiday season?

AppsFlyer is offering an industry-first, the ability to measure how TV ads impact app installs. We’ll match data on the airing time of each ad with an install that occurs within a predetermined time frame that follows. Post-install analytics such as retention, LTV and cohort reports are then calculated to measure the full effect, while comparing it to other channels.