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Every agency has their own unique personality, approach, scope or technology that sets them apart. AppsFlyer’s solutions for agencies provide the world’s most creative and innovative agencies, from the largest global powerhouses through the most agile upstarts with the mobile attribution and marketing analytics they need to measure and improve their impact. Deep integrations with agency media buying solutions provide agencies and their parent companies with integrated access to mobile attribution and marketing analytics performance data. Additionally, only AppsFlyer offers agencies the ability to operate fully transparently, sharing all of their performance data with clients, right in their client dashboards.

The top agencies from around the world including MEC, Fetch, Dentsu, OMD, Starcom, Publicis, M&C Saatchi, Moburst, GameChanger, Amobee and Havas Mobext work closely with AppsFlyer, delivering a competitive edge through data-driven creativity and performance for their clients.





Unlike on the web, there aren’t any tags, cookies, or pixels that you can just embed into an ad and app to measure conversions. Mobile app measurement requires a different set of technologies and solutions. AppsFlyer’s proprietary NativeRank™ technology delivers end-to-end, 360 degree mobile attribution, reporting exactly which campaigns drove each install. Furthermore, robust in-app analytics report how users engage, and how much revenue they generate – allowing advertisers and agencies to optimize their spend based on their preferred KPIs – exposure, installs, engagement or revenue.





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すでにAppsFlyer SDKを実装しているクライアントについては、追加で実装などは不要なので、すぐに広告配信を開始できます。

クライアントのアプリを管理または構築している代理店で、AppsFlyerのご利用をご希望の場合は、まずは簡単でシンプルなAppsFlyer SDKを実装する必要があります。多くのモバイルアプリの開発およびマーケティング活動の推進力として、代理店が慎重にクライアントのニーズを把握し、それぞれのモバイルアプリやマーケティングキャンペーンのための適切なKPIを定義することが重要です。これらのKPIを定義した後は、代理店は適切なリッチアプリ内イベントが実装されていることお確かめください。リッチアプリ内イベントは、モバイルアプリアナリティクスの活力源であり、モバイルキャンペーンとアプリマーケティングの測定とベンチマークにおける鍵を握っています。

But there is another way for agencies to work with AppsFlyer, a far deeper, more comprehensive relationship that introduces unique opportunities for both agencies and their clients. Agencies can be integrated into the AppsFlyer platform to develop more efficiencies and enhanced data and optimization capabilities.

Though not difficult to set up, these integrations do require a bit of hands-on work. Our Agency Alliances Team works closely with interested agencies and holding companies to set up these integrations.


Once a client gives an agency permission to access their data, agencies will be able to log into the dashboard and monitor the progress of all of their advertisers in one central location. As an agency, we understand your desire to deliver results to advertisers without sharing your secret sauce. Dynamic permissions allow agencies and clients to define whether or not data will be shared. Agencies, like all advertisers, can run campaigns across any one of our 2,500+ integrated partners, TV campaigns, earned media, promotions or offline media.

AppsFlyer provides the world’s largest and most advanced agencies and clients with the confidence, reliability, transparency and omnichannel coverage that they need to make smarter, more informed marketing decisions. Multi-channel and omni-channel integrated solutions help connect the dots between mobile app marketing and user engagement with online and in-store conversions.

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