Custom Dashboards

Make Your Dashboards Work For You

Mobile performance data serves multiple roles within your business. Custom Dashboards provide every team and team member the ability to customize their dashboard from scratch, as well as the option to adapt their teammates’ custom dashboard to meet their needs.


With simple drag-and-drop editing, one step cloning, easy customization and export to PDF capabilities, AppsFlyer’s custom dashboards are ideal for unlocking the power of your mobile performance data across your organization.

Below are a few examples of how some teams are using our custom dashboards:

Head of User Acquisition - eCommerce App

headofuaこのカスタム管理画面は、あるユーザー獲得チームのリーダーが、チームが積極的にマーケティングを行っているすべてのアプリのパフォーマンスの概要を見るために作成したものです。毎日チェックされる重要なメトリクスは管理画面の上部に配置されています。次に、業績向上のため注力しているAndroidのファネルが配置され、その横で注力地域(Tier 1、Tier 2)における新規インストールとアプリ内イベントによるサインアップをモニタリングし、キャンペーンパフォーマンスを測定しています。その下にあるAggregated Performanceという表では、チームリーダーが見たいメトリクスをアプリごとに集計した数値が表示されています。そして、その下にはインストールパフォーマンスデータと、収益パフォーマンスデータをまとめています。


Cross-Team - Paid Media and Funnel Analysis


This popular gaming app publisher set up custom dashboards that analyze performance by media format. These reports are reviewed in their weekly team meetings.

At the top of this dashboard, they list the media cost, followed by the key stats in their funnel from clicks to installs and in-app events – all filtered to show only display media. Using this same filter, they then dive into their geo data – breaking down installs by media source by geo, followed by a breakdown of a lower funnel in-app events by geo. The next module reports media source-specific performance beginning with cost and following through the bottom of their user acquisition funnel. The following table repeats this analysis at the campaign level. To wrap it all up, they analyse their top three titles (apps across OSs) by funnel – cost through in-app events.

VP Marketing, Dating App: overall, cross app performance report


This account-level dashboard provides the VP with a straightforward overview of her marketing activity. At the top, she monitors overall impressions, clicks, non-organic and organic installs, mobile revenue and sessions. She then broke down her total installs, top media sources and Geos. The performance report shows the strength of each app’s marketing performance. The final element of this page is a breakdown of revenue per mobile app. As their business has evolved, mobile revenues have become increasingly critical. This is an area of their custom dashboard that they intend to expand as their capabilities develop.