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The Only Protection for Device ID Reset Fraud.

With over 4 billion devices already rated, Protect360 offers the industry’s only protection against DeviceID Reset Fraud – the most widespread type of install fraud.

Powered by DeviceRankTM.

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Data-Driven Innovation

Built on the industry’s largest mobile fraud database, with over 3 trillion datapoints across 4 billion devices.

Machine learning actively updates protection as new sources and types of fraud are identified.

Protection With Integrity

The world’s leading marketers turn to AppsFlyer because we are fully unbiased, with no conflicts of interest.

We do not offer any paid products or partnerships with ad networks, affiliate networks or DSPs.

Protect Your Time And Money

Before and After Campaigns
with IO Builder: Fraud Appendix and advanced, transparent reporting

During Campaigns
with real-time protection including Live Alerts + Validation Rules

How it works

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Protect360 In Action

DeviceID Reset Fraud

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The Problem

Criminals click on real ads and install apps to real devices and generate real engagement.

They then reset their DeviceID, change their IP address, and repeat the process at scale.

Our Solution

Define acceptable fraud thresholds in your IO. Using AppsFlyer’s database and DeviceRank, blacklist sub-publishers with significant DeviceID Reset Fraud.

Invalidate installs and alert marketers as DeviceID Reset Marathons appear.

Click Flooding

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The Problem

Criminals send tons of clicks from recognized devices, misattributing organic downloads.

Our Solution

Block sub-publishers long Click to Install Time (CTIT), with low conversion rates and high contibution* rates.

*Requires multi-touch attribution

Install Hijacking

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The Problem

Malware detects a real install, and sends a click report to “hijacking” the install.

Our Solution

Block installs with an extremely short Click to Install Time (CTIT).

Invalidate installs and alert marketers when sub-publishers have high densities of short CTIT times.

And Much More!

AppsFlyer’s unique scale and machine learning deliver the most comprehensive anti-fraud solutions in the world.

Irene Vaquero Sánchez de Ibargüen
User Acquisition Manager

Mobile Fraud Resource Center

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