Universal Uninstall Attribution

Boost your user retention by identifying which user acquisition campaigns have high uninstall rates. Then, use retargeting to recover recent uninstalls. Uninstall Attribution now live for both Android and iOS.

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Omni-Channel LTV

A server-to-server integration connects the dots between your media, customer engagement, and purchase activity (online, on mobile or at retail) so you can better optimize your omni-channel marketing and engagement efforts.

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TV Attribution

Easily measure your broadcast media campaign performance down to the last dollar and install, so you can optimize your multi-channel campaigns.

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Multi-Touch Attribution

Our platform reports both standard last-touch attribution, as well as multi-touch “assisted installs” so you will have the full picture when optimizing your campaigns.

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Ad Revenue Attribution - Exclusive

In-app advertising is a major revenue source for many mobile apps. Only AppsFlyer can attribute in-app advertising revenues to specific marketing channels and campaigns.

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Pivot - Exclusive!

Pivot is the world’s only integrated, fully customizable pivot table solution for mobile marketers. Easily save, share and collaborate. No need to use offline spreadsheets or to wait for data scientists ever again.

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Audiences - Exclusive!

AppsFlyer's Audiences is built on deep, API-level integrations. This is the only audience segmentation solution that requires no manual field mapping or CSV downloads and uploads. Simply define your Audiences, select your preferred source(s), and move on with your day. We've done the hard work, so you don't have to.

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Integrated With The Best In The World



We are an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, and are deeply integrated with Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Tencent Social Ads, Snapchat and others.

Best-In-Class Reliability

AppsFlyer consistently delivers the industry’s fastest server response times and most reliable uptime of any leading attribution provider

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Unlimited Rich In-App Events - Free

AppsFlyer supports both standard and custom rich in-app events at no additional cost. Your in-app events can sync with your ad networks and analytics providers, so you never need to manually integrate another in-app event again.

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Comprehensive ROI Reporting


Exclusive ROI Feature

Facebook & Google AdWords ROI


AppsFlyer delivers real-time, fully automated ROI reporting across over 75 media sources, including Facebook and Google AdWords, so you can optimize your campaigns based on the real value their installs deliver.

Unbiased and Independent

AppsFlyer has no financial relationships with any ad or affiliate networks. Our only interest is your data reliability, accuracy and impact.

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Raw Data

Your data will always be your data. All of your data is downloadable in CSV and can be pushed via our API so you can use your data in any way you want.

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Enterprise-grade mobile fraud protection, trusted by the world’s most advanced marketers. With over 4 billion devices and 3 trillion datapoints, our unique scale enables data-driven protection from the most advanced types of fraud, including device farms and DeviceID Reset Fraud.