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Google View-through Attribution is Now Officially Live

Lior Goldin Lior Goldin May 08, 2018

After months of close collaboration with our partners at Google, we are excited to announce that Google View-through attribution is now officially available and measurable on AppsFlyer dashboards. With this new capability, you are now able to track, attribute and customize both click based and view-through (impression-based) Google adWords campaigns. View-through attribution provides powerful insights into your top (ToFu), and middle-funnel (MoFu), providing a panoramic picture of your AdWords campaign performance.

 Running Google AdWords campaigns? Switch your View-through Attribution toggle on, customize your lookback window and you’re ready to go!

As the mobile industry has evolved, we have learned how to best make sense of countless signals from uninstall data to automated postbacks and mobile audiences. Over the last couple of years, marketers have adopted new mobile attribution techniques to better understand and improve their customer journey and bottom line impact.

Leading up to this update, we have enhanced our reporting dashboards, segmenting performance data by view-through and click-based attribution. By measuring the impact of ad impressions across the customer journey, in AppsFlyer’s detailed reporting and dashboards, marketers can better optimize performance, and easily customize their attribution to meet business needs.

Want to learn more about Google View-through Attribution with AppsFlyer? Talk to your Success Manager or schedule your AppsFlyer Demo today.