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Enabling A New Generation of Agency Transparency

Avatar Jon Burg Jun 29, 2017

Over the last two years, the issue of agency transparency has really come to the forefront. As a result of this call for increased agency transparency, both brands and their agency partners have explored a number of ways to improve data sharing and transparency. Today, we are proud to announce a new feature that will make this data sharing even easier, and we call it Agency Transparency.

AppsFlyer’s agency solutions allow agencies to manage campaigns on behalf of clients, appearing as a media source right in their client’s reporting dashboards. With the introduction of Agency Transparency, agencies can become fully transparent, revealing their media costs, impressions, clicks and installs right in their client dashboards.

Want to set up agency transparency in AppsFlyer? Get ready, it’s a bit complicated. Ask your agency to click the box marked Agency Transparency in their integration. Now go get yourself a good cup of coffee, you deserve it.

The Story Behind Agency Transparency
The rise of the media agency in 1990s brought a number of new innovations in the media buying and media planning process, such as the introduction of holding-company level upfront commitments in exchange for network-wide discounting. Over time, allegations of kickbacks and other ethically questionable practices emerged. These rumblings reached their apex in 2016 when the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and K2 Intelligence released their report, Media Transparency: Prescriptions, Principles, and Processes for Marketers.

Over the last year, a number of agencies and brands have taken meaningful steps to improve their working relationships, including improved transparency around media buying, ad placements, media spend and performance. While brands such as Procter and Gamble are raising the transparency bar for their agency partners, many agencies are improving their transparency as part of their ongoing business operations – even when clients do not make these demands.

“As a leading, global mobile-first agency Fetch believes that every agency-client relationship is best served by both trust and transparency.” said Dan Wilson, Global Head of Data at Fetch.

“We believe in working in partnership rather than simply with buyers and sellers. It’s when we do our best work. Data transparency plays a vital part in ensuring there is clear and consistent knowledge within this partnership. Fetch has always been transparent in buying and delivery with our clients, and we push for total transparency from our partners. Having this level of transparency provided automatically through AppsFlyer dashboards is a great move towards ensuring the trust and collaboration which is vital across the industry.”

Agency Transparency in Mobile Marketing
Over the last few years, a number of agencies have used our raw data export to provide their clients with insight into their media buying and performance. This was time-consuming for agencies and cumbersome for their clients.

With the introduction of Agency Transparency, marketers enjoy a unified AppsFlyer dashboard that includes fully transparent reporting across all of their user acquisition activities – both those managed in-house, as well as those executed through an agency partner – in a unified dashboard.

As Dan Wilson explained,

Transparency is a primary component when addressing all aspects of marketing performance, including the issues of the day, such as ad fraud.

As an agency, advertisers trust us with their advertising budgets. While we have long been at the forefront this movement, and have invested in enabling transparency, AppsFlyer’s new capabilities enable Fetch clients to see the most granular data directly in their dashboards, as well as through the data provided via Fetch offering a view of real-time mobile performance in an automated and efficient manner. Beyond providing my teams with a seamless solution, this has the added benefit of providing our clients with a unified dashboard where they can clearly see the advantage of working with a best-in-class agency.

Agency Transparency is now available to all AppsFlyer customers and agencies, available across all pricing packages.