Success Story

Housejoy Brings Innovative Services to Life with Data-Driven Mobile Growth

  • 40% of Bookings
    via the mobile app
  • 15% Boost
    in CPA conversation rate
  • 10% Increase
    in mobile orders


Founded in early 2015, Housejoy quickly rose to become one of India’s hottest startups. With funding from Amazon, Vertex Ventures, Qualcomm, Ru-Net and Matrix Partners India, Housejoy offers high-quality, owned-and-operated services that come right to your home or place of business. Their services include beauty and personal styling, home cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, computer and laptop repairs, appliance repairs, fitness coaching, carpentry, laundry, pest control and painting.


Housejoy operates across every major city in India, and their customers are quickly adopting a mobile-first lifestyle. With aggressive growth goals, Housejoy worked with a wide array of channels and networks including Facebook, Google and Twitter, paid and organic influencer marketing, retargeting, SMS and email marketing and even pre-installation agreements with OEMs. Their growth team needed to understand which communications messages, channels and networks delivered the strongest users at the most efficient price point, so they could optimize their cross-channel user acquisition efforts.


Housejoy engaged AppsFlyer to attribute each install and re-engagement effort to the exact message and channel that delivered this user. AppsFlyer’s comprehensive mobile attribution solutions determined what drove each user to install across both standard channels like Facebook and Google, and non-traditional channels, such as influencer marketing and pre-bundling agreements with OEMs. AppsFlyer’s rich inapp events allowed Housejoy to determine how each user engaged with their app, and what specific purchases they completed, so Housejoy could easily optimize their campaigns to deliver the highest quality users at the lowest possible price point.

AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with nearly every platform in the mobile ecosystem made it easy for Housejoy to add new partners and even enable retargeting solutions without needing to wait for new SDKs to be implemented. By using AppsFlyer’s integrated mobile attribution and marketing analytics solutions, Housejoy was able to view their entire marketing funnel in a single dashboard, automatically calculating the ROI of each install from their most successful sources, such as Facebook and Google.


Within days of deploying AppsFlyer’s SDK, Housejoy’s mobile growth team gained end-to-end clarity across their marketing funnel. This helped them optimize every element of their marketing mix, from their messaging to their paid media. By sharing their user engagement data with their marketing partners, Housejoy was able to increase their CPA performance by 15% and their mobile bookings by 10%. And with 40% of their users checking out via their mobile app, this performance lift delivered a sizable return for their bottom line.

Since adding AppsFlyer, we not only have a stronger understanding of our entire app marketing funnel, but the confidence to spend more, grow faster and invest smarter.
Abhishek Joshi, Head of Digital Marketing at