Success Story

Improving Sales at Retail through Mobile Measurement

  • 45%
    Boost in retail sales
  • Millions
    of brand interactions
  • ROI
    across every channel


Danone’s Serenito is a popular Argentinian dessert product. While this snack is typically enjoyed by 8 and 12 year old children, their parents must make the ultimate purchase decision. This makes marketing messaging and customer engagement particularly challenging.


The Serenito marketing team wanted to engage their target audience at scale, increase product sales by 25%, and improve brand awareness. They teamed up with Mobext, Havas’ global mobile agency to develop and market an amazing new mobile app. The team also needed a platform to measure and optimize their marketing and campaign performance.


Mobext created Serenito SerePixels, an augmented-reality mobile app that invited children interact with an animated character and hear a new joke whenever they scanned packages of Serenito. As an added bonus, if they placed one package beside another the animated characters would talk to one another.

Serenito and Mobext engaged AppsFlyer to measure their mobile engagement and optimize their performance. Using AppsFlyer’s end-to-end mobile attribution and marketing analytics, they would measure and optimize their campaigns based on their user engagement. And with integrated TV attribution, they would be able to quantify the ROI of their costly TV ad spend.


This incredible mobile campaign engaged hundreds of thousands of children, driving a 45% boost in retail sales, 20% above their original goal. By optimizing their advertising based on app installs and in-app activity, they passed their target install numbers with weeks to spare. And traditional media coverage and social media buzz positioned the brand as innovative, fresh and at the forefront of creative engagement.


The team utilized their in-app activity to deliver key insights that helped the brand sharpen their product and promotions strategies. For example, by measuring each install’s media source, the top scanned product and the top product-scanned sales sources, the Serenito-Danone team was able to make smarter decisions on product pricing, offers and discounts to improve their point of sales presence and drive sales.

AppsFlyer’s real-time attribution and analytics, combined with their deep partner integrations and retargeting capabilities have improved every element of our marketing and communications.
Danone - Serenito
The data we gather through AppsFlyer elevates our creative ideation and boosts our marketing activation.
Havas - Mobext