Success Story

Letting Data Guide Your Growth

  • ~400%
    Boost in daily active users
  • 40% Boost
    Retention rate
Gaining total clarity across our user acquisition, in-app events and user retention have been key to our success at every stage.


Founded in 1997, Softonic started as software discovery website operating out of Barcelona. They became one of the world’s top software download sites with over 100 million users per month and delivering up to 6 million downloads per day. Facing dramatic changes in the software ecosystem, they developed a second line of business: Softonic Tools.

Softonic Tools create mobile apps that help people get the most out of their technology. Their apps such as Turbo Booster, Screen Lock Guardian and Security Warrior Antivirus have enjoyed great user loyalty and retention.


When moving from desktop business to mobile, they faced a number of unique challenges. Using a small and nimble team, they had to grow their mobile audience, increase engagement, improve monetization, and enhance their brand perception for a new generation of users.


In today’s market, successful mobile business must be incredibly nimble, adapting to user feedback and marketing performance data in real-time. From the start, the team committed to an always-on approach, resolving any users issues and optimizing every campaign quickly and efficiently. And AppsFlyer’s real-time data would serve as the backbone for this operation.


Working with AppsFlyer allowed Softonic to manage and optimize all their campaigns, in real time. In less than a year, Turbo Booster’s daily active users (DAUs) grew by almost 400%! And with over 6 million downloads, Turbo Booster’s numbers continue to improve every day.

Moreover, AppFlyer’s lifetime value and retention data have proven essential to Softonic’s product team. By understanding how their user behavior differs across mobile and desktop, and across geographic regions, they were able to diversify their user acquisition sources and optimize both their marketing and their product performance.

As they expand their organic and paid user acquisition initiatives, AppsFlyer remains at the heart of their growth engine.

Adapting traditional KPIs to mobile is challenging, and requires deep insights into how your users discover and use your product. AppsFlyer’s attribution and in-app events gave us the clarity we needed to build our business.