Success Story

Scaling User Acquisition While Improving ROI

  • 1 Million
    User Growth Milestone
  • #8
    in App Store Finance Category
  • 3.5X
    Loyal User Growth


Linxo is a pioneering fintech app that takes the hard work out of personal finance management. Currently available in France, Linxo recently raised 2M€ for European expansion.

Linxo’s core capabilities include budget planning, spending analysis by category (food, housing, eating out etc.) and bank overdraft alerts. In just a few clicks, new users get an overview of their financial health and savings forecasts. This helps users manage their finances and save on banking fees. By integrating a broad financial picture with personal goals and budgeting, Linxo stands apart from typical banking apps.


Linxo’s marketing team needed acquire new, high-quality users in an emerging, competitive market. The team recognized that in order to attract quality users, they needed to both (a) effectively communicate Linxo’s unique value and (b) built trust-based relationships such that users would feel comfortable sharing access to their personal finances.


Linxo engaged Addict Mobile to promote their mobile app, targeting, measuring and optimizing their progress using their AppsFlyer performance data. AppsFlyer’s attribution data and rich in-app events were already helping Linxo’s team optimize their user acquisition and improve their KPIs across campaigns and media sources. Linxo further synchronized their rich in-app events with Addict Mobile using the AppsFlyer preconfigured integration. This engagement data allowed Addict Mobile to leverage their own proprietary mobile media buying technology to optimize their user acquisition campaigns across Facebook, Google and others to optimize ROI and profitability.


The powerful combination of AppsFlyer’s mobile attribution and marketing analytics, together with Addict Mobile’s unique media buying technology helped Linxo scale their mobile business. Just seven months in, Linxo hit the one million user milestone, ranking in the #8 spot in the Finance category on the App Store (in France) and tripling their user loyalty.

It is important that we attract new users where they spend most of their time: on mobile. AppsFlyer and Addict Mobile helped us target and attract new high-quality mobile customers, building trusted relationships and helping them manage their daily finance.
Christophe Martins, Head of Marketing & Communications, Linxo
Providing Linxo with the optimal user acquisition ROI required powerful media management combined with strong mobile attribution and marketing analytics. Building strong, long term relationships is key to growing a mobile finance business, and we are proud to have contributed to Linxo’s success!
Claire Calligaro – CMO and Founder, Addict Mobile