Smarter Segmentation



AppsFlyer’s Audiences delivers the most robust and dynamic segmentation solution, seamlessly moving from insight to action all in one centralized place.

Data is great, but the real impact comes from taking action. Don’t waste valuable resources setting up and maintaining audiences manually over time. AppsFlyer’s Audiences closes the gap, seamlessly and securely building and syncing audiences across providers with just a single click. Start discovering, re-engaging, and retargeting users with Audiences to improve your user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns, while measurably boosting your bottom line.




Smarter Segmentation

Smarter Segmentation

Building detailed audiences at scale is easier than ever. Go beyond network limits by easily creating audiences based on specific targeting attributes and sophisticated segmentations rules. By segmenting users into precise groups, always ensure the right messaging throughout the customer journey.

One-Click Connection

Managing one-off data syncs with each provider is a thing of the past. With AppsFlyer’s extensive list of pre-configured integrations, syncing to partner platforms takes (literally) just one click. 

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Easily search, build, and manage audiences in one centralized place.  With a clear management dashboard, understand which networks your audiences are synced to, whether they are live or inactive, and when they were last updated – all at a glance. 


Overlap and Exclusions

Audience Overlap & Exclusions

Build precise audiences based on overlapping and excluding segments to ensure accurate user targeting, every time. Use Venn diagrams to visualize the different audience groups in real time and understand how they relate or overlap.

Split Testing

Split Testing

Split Audiences to run A/B tests and analyze different partners, bidding types, creatives, messaging, and much more. Measure incremental impact from various testing efforts and make smarter business decisions based on valuable insights. 


Leverage AppsFlyer’s advanced analytics capabilities to apply insights to your retargeting and re-engagement  campaigns. Choose to sync your audience data directly into a data warehouse or BI platform. Now you can view and analyze your data side-by-side with your Audience management platform.

Import Audiences

Import Audiences

Import pre-existing audiences from CRMs directly into AppsFlyer’s dashboard to manage in one place and optimize across your partner networks.

Data Ownership

Security and Privacy

Use the most secure platform to manage your sensitive audience data. Stay in control over your data by deciding which points you share with selected partners.

Get started with advanced Audience segmentation today

Flexible Audience Builder


At AppsFlyer, we believe that building smart, dynamic, and precise audience segments shouldn’t be hard. Our flexible, enterprise-grade Audience builder allows marketers to dynamically segment any audience from their pool of apps using straightforward Boolean logic (rules like X AND Y). 

Smarter Segmentation

Setting up an audience segment couldn’t be easier:

  1. First, select your audience criteria (e.g. impression, click, type of user engagement, event values), as well as your desired timespan.
  2. Add any additional filtering criteria, such as additional in-app attributed. Watch as the intuitive Venn diagram adjusts live as you layer on rules.
  3. Select with which partner networks you desire to sync this audience.
  4. Choose whether or not you would like to split your audience between partnered networks.

This data will now sync to your preferred sources and update automatically. No need to update CSVs, reupload data, or force a sync. Just set it once, and the audience will continue to update. It’s that easy!

Advanced Audience Segmentation

One-Click Connection

Our partner integrations make it easy to manage and scale your audiences with multiple partners at once for maximum efficiency and scale.  Choose to manage and analyze your audiences all in one centralized place, cutting back previous time spent on syncing data & analyzing separately. We work closely with each Audience partner to pre-configure and format all of your mobile install and engagement data, managing the dynamic data transfer via deep, API integrations.  This allows for seamless, effortless, error-free data flow – the way audience segmentation was meant to be done.

One-Click Connection

Split Audience

AppsFlyer’s split audience feature provides you with the ability to A/B test creatives, messaging, bid, campaign logic, and even understand where your audiences are performing best.  Work across multiple partner networks in tandem while avoiding spamming your users on different channels. 





Audience Real-Time Size Estimates & Overlap Diagram 

Understand the impact of your audience directly from the creation flow as you build them out. AppsFlyer’s Audience Tool displays the audience size  & overlap in real-time, so you can make adjustments as you go. Avoid communicating similar messaging across various networks at the same time by understanding where your audiences overlap.



 Your Data In Your Control

Some marketers are hesitant to share certain parts of their sensitive data with network partners. As a result, they are limited in their ability to both target and re-engage users on selected partner networks. 

AppsFlyer’s advanced Audiences platform helps savvy marketers deliver better targeting and re-engagement, without compromising on their data transfer concerns. Audiences syncs only the Device IDs that meet the marketer-defined audience criteria, allowing marketers to maintain the optimal degree of data privacy.