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Live Alerts

Mobile app marketing is complicated. With dozens of campaign parameters, data points and KPIs across multiple networks to monitor, and growing teams to manage, you’ve got your hands full. Live Alerts takes the pressure of 24×7 campaign monitoring off your shoulders, so you can focus on all the other tasks on your to-do list.

Live Alerts is the industry’s first solution to actively monitor all of your KPIs, dynamically notifying the right team members in the right channels where there are statistically significant changes in performance.

Keep An Eye on Your Burn Rate

Send your UA team an email notification when the media cost for your campaigns drops more than 15%.

Address Advanced Fraud, Quickly and Easily

Trigger a high priority email alert to your fraud team when a specific publisher is undergoing a Device ID Reset Marathon so you can take preventative action, such as contacting the network and setting up a Validation Rule.

Monitor Campaign Performance

Notify your US growth team’s Facebook UA lead when their US Facebook conversion rates for a specific app increase by more than 20%.

Monitor Install Volume Per Source

특정 매체의 인스톨 물량이 지난 주 같은 요일에 비해 15% 넘게 하락하면 운영팀에 이를 알리세요.

인스톨 하이재킹 모니터링

CTIT 가 너무 짧은 설치 건이 급증하면 인스톨 하이재킹 Fraud인 경우가 많으므로 Fraud 팀에 경고해 주세요.

Ready to take Live Alerts for a ride?

Live Alerts are now available in limited beta. To join the Live Alerts beta, contact your AppsFlyer Success Manager.

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