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Deep Linking
With OneLink

The World's Most Powerful Deep Linking Platform

OneLink allows marketers to create a single, and powerful deep link that sends every user to the optimal page in an app, from sources across every possible OS, channel and platform.

At every step of the customer journey — from first click to re-engagement, OneLink delivers a frictionless and automated user experience with analytics built-in.

No wasted clicks, just the perfect conversion path, every time.



A frictionless and unique user experience turbocharging conversions


Deep links have higher intent, which means a much higher lift in revenue


A contextual delivery to keep your users coming back for more

주요 글로벌 고객사


Universal Accessibility and Compatibility 

OneLink works across every single platform, app and environment, perfectly and seamlessly. Unlike other universal mobile deep linking platforms, OneLink works with the latest iOS, Windows and Android builds, without any custom configurations or interstitial pages. Whether it’s a link in Gmail or clicking link on a Facebook post, every OneLink link works perfectly, every time.

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완벽한 사용자 경험을 위한 앱 설치 감지

OneLink detects whether the user has your app already installed. Using deferred deep linking, this incredibly powerful single link will send new users to the right app store, and then open the optimal welcome experience after the app is installed. 
Alternatively, if the user already has the app installed, the link will open the app directly to the correct page in the app.

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Contextual Delivery For Powerful Conversions

Our deep links contain information about the users: what campaign they come from, who referred them, what content they were seeing when clicking on the link and more, delivering a contextually relevant experience based on these data points as soon as the app is opened.

For e-commerce and other brands that sell products or services in their app, every additional step the user has to take lowers conversion rates. OneLink powerful deep links remove friction and drive users straight to the in-app point of sale — even after install.

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Connect with Your Users in a Whole New Way.

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“We just love OneLink. It’s a smart link that drives users to the best destination depending on the device and channel.
One link to measure them all.”

Simple Setup – Powerful Features

OneLink was built for every possible use case, delivering the latest, cutting edge technology in a user-friendly wrapper.
Everyday marketers love OneLink’s simple and clear setup, while advanced developers enjoy full access to the deepest configurable details. But that’s not all. Our unique setup allows you to use OneLink without adding any code to your site. Just turn it on, and go.

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The Flexibility You Need – Short URLs, QR Codes, Custom Branding and More!

Every OneLink is fully configurable. From domain branding (use your own branded domain) to short URLs, OneLink is built to deliver.

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