Game On! Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics for Gaming [Free Guide]

Gaming marketers, if you have all your bases covered, it’s time to take a deep dive into the world of mobile measurement with the definitive guide to Mobile Attribution and Marketing Analytics for Gaming – and learn how to let data work for you.

Frankly, the only way to give your game a chance to shine among 392,985 active games in the app store alone is by crunching your marketing data, and then crunching it again. With such fierce competition, relying on organic discovery is like hoping to win the lottery.

That’s why investing in marketing and app promotion is a must-have ingredient for success. But you must be smart about it. That means driving non-organic installs to drive organic traffic, making sure your paid installs – which are becoming more and more costly – actually deliver LTV and ROI, and maximizing the value of your owned marketing efforts like push, cross-promotion and user invites.

And that’s exactly what this guide will focus on, packed with lots of practical, gaming-specific use cases, hacks and tips on how to optimize segmentation, user acquisition, retargeting and retention.  




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