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TV 어트리뷰션

It started with Super Bowl ads–mobile marketers began broadcasting their ads on the big screen. TV’s broad reach continues to attract mobile app advertiser. The challenge for TV ads was how to measure and attribute the mobile installs and engagement they drive. As part of our omni-channel solutions, AppsFlyer provides marketers with the ability to measure app install ads on TV alongside your other user acquisition and engagement channels. Furthermore, advanced integrations with leading players like The Specialist Works and wywy further enhance app marketers’ ability to measure and optimize the performance of their TV campaigns.

TV 어트리뷰션이란?

You may have heard the term “attribution” used in reference to your mobile campaigns. There’s last touch attribution where credit is given to the last click and multi-touch attribution, allowing marketers to assess if a mobile ad network is assisting them in achieving desired installs. Similarly, TV attribution provides marketers with ability at attribute installs to specific ad campaigns on TV and optimize towards installs. For instance, a financial app might have a promotion during one of the morning shows and also run it during a program on CNBC. Most likely, a marketer will get more installs from the CNBC program and will optimize spend toward that.

왜 TV일까요?

TV는 폭넓은 범위, 잘 다져진 매체 구매 산업 둘 모두에 강점이 있기 때문에, 브랜드와 성과 마케터 for both brand and performance marketers. TV’s broad reach allows marketers to acquire new audiences that may not have been included in their original targeting parameters, build brand equity, visibility and user loyalty. Many app marketers also see TV as a way to stand out in a crowded market or build lifestyle brands. With the majority of people watching TV 동시에 전화기나 스마트폰을 사용하므로,모바일 앱과 TV는 강력한 1-2 펀치가 될 수 있습니다. TV에서 광고를 보는 사용자와 즉각적인 모바일 앱 설치나 인게이지먼트가 동반되는 것입니다.

AppsFlyer의 TV 어트리뷰션은 모바일 앱 마케터가 지점들을 연결하여 TV 광고 캠페인으로 유도된 설치와 모바일 인게이지먼트를 어트리뷰션할 수 있게 합니다.

모바일 앱 TV 어트리뷰션의 작동 방식

AppsFlyer를 이용하여 모바일 앱 설치를 TV 광고 캠페인으로 어트리뷰션하는 것은 놀라울 정도로 쉽습니다. 광고주는 채널, 시간, 위치, 도시와 같은 자신의 TV 광고 캠페인 정보를 제공하기만 하면 됩니다. 나머지는 AppsFlyer가 다 처리합니다.

Please note: the default attribution window for mobile app installs from TV campaigns is set to 15 minutes. Advertisers can also define their own custom attribution windows.

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