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우리의 비전

AppsFlyer has emerged as the mobile measurement industry standard because it empowers advertisers with unbiased and transparent attribution analytics. Most importantly, we value the integrity of maintaining our clients’ data private and secure, which has earned the trust of more than 4000 network and analytics partners who have integrated with us. Rest assured, we will never sell data to any third-party platforms.

This vision has attracted the best and brightest to AppsFlyer. The product’s growth is spurred by the dynamic team-player environment we cultivate, which fosters growth and the never-ending learning process. We believe that this atmosphere is a catalyst for innovation and experimentation, ultimately leading to developing the best analytics platform possible.

Understanding that the mobile advertising industry is in its infancy, each team member comes to the office with a can-do attitude and an unparalleled sense of adventure. They are filled with excitement over their ground-breaking work at AppsFlyer.


  • magma
  • 8rds
  • pitango
  • goldmansachs
  • telekom_partners
  • qumra_capital


  • oren_2 copy
    Oren Kaniel
    CEO & Co-founder,
  • reshef-1
    Reshef Mann
    CTO 및 공동창립자,
  • modi-rosen-1
    Modi Rosen
    매니징 파트너 및 공동창립자,
    Magma Venture Partners
  • isaac-hillel-1
    Isaac Hillel
    매니징 일반 파트너,
    Pitango Venture Capital
  • davor-hebel
    Davor Hebel
    매니징 파트너, Eight Roads
  • boaz_dinte_qumra_capital-2
    Boaz Dinte
    매니징 일반 파트너, Qumra Capital

우리는 전세계에서 고용합니다

"Being customer obsessed is all about how we make people feel about AppsFlyer."The AppsFlyer Story by AppsFlyer's CEO & Co-founder, Oren Kaniel

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