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The #1 Choice for Marketers Worldwide

We’re customer-obsessed and product-forward. Over 12,000 enterprise customers worldwide choose AppsFlyer for mobile attribution and marketing analytics. Get started with AppsFlyer and learn why our customers choose us and stick with us.

Best in class products, service and support fueled by passion, hard work and long-lasting customer relationships

#1 Choice for Leading Brands

Enterprise customers are choosing AppsFlyer for mobile attribution. We measure over 1 trillion mobile activities every month, without breaking a sweat. Through our unique scale and cutting-edge machine learning technologies, we’ve developed the industry’s most accurate solutions for mobile attribution, marketing analytics and fraud prevention.

Source: MightySignal

#1 for Enterprise In Every Industry

Working with the world’s leading brands, AppsFlyer has gained in-depth insight of the most burning and unique business challenges of every major mobile industry. AppsFlyer’s robust systems are designed for scale, leading mobile enterprises across every industry to choose AppsFlyer to supercharge their growth. 

Sources: MightySignal, App Annie, Sensor Tower

#1 Everywhere on the Planet

With 15 offices worldwide, AppsFlyer has boots on the ground in every major region. AppsFlyer’s teams live the local culture and are intimately familiar with the regional mobile economies. Forming and preserving personal relationships with our clients, no matter where they are in the world.

Source: SafeDK

주요 글로벌 고객사

#1 in Customer Loyalty

First impressions matter, but lasting impressions are everything. We take pride in providing long-term value for our clients, serving as a trusted extension of their team. With the highest retention rate in the industry, we’re humbled that our customers continue to choose us, year after year.

Source: MightySignal

#1 in Product Development and Innovation

AppsFlyer has the biggest R&D team in the industry, with 5x more people dedicated to solutions than to sales. Driven by innovation and unwavering quality control, we let our product lead the way with the fastest release cycle in the industry.

Source: LinkedIn

Mobile attribution is no joke

#1 in Fraud Prevention

Mobile fraud cost advertisers upwards of $19 billion in 2018, with fraud technologies evolving and developing at a staggering rate. AppsFlyer’s cutting-edge anti-fraud technology helps customers save millions of dollars every day through our unique scale, machine learning and behavioral analysis capabilities.

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#1 in Data Privacy and Security

Attribution can undermine your business’s success if privacy and security aren’t adequately addressed. This is why AppsFlyer has made data security and privacy its top priority, with state-of-the-art real-time infrastructure, extensive internal and external privacy and security measures, and compliance with the most stringent international standards and policies.

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Top Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us

  • 멀티터치 어트리뷰션

    AppsFlyer follows the user journey from app discovery, to download to in-app activity to help marketers make the right decisions.

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  • Live Alerts and Mobile App

    Discover and act quickly on issues that require immediate attention. Get insights at your fingertips, even when away from your desk.

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  • Powerful Deep Linking

    Deep linking has a significant impact on your users' web-to-app journey and sends every user to the optimal destination.

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  • Real-Time Data

    Watch your data perform live, as installs and in-app activity are recorded and reported immediately after occurrence.

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  • Uninstall Measurement

    Understand which campaigns and creatives aren't working, where bad UX or other significant issues are driving user to uninstall.

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  • Customizable Reporting

    Pivot reports and customizable dashboards enable you to share high-level and low-level reports and analyses with key stakeholders

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  • Ad Revenue Reporting

    Combine ad revenue data with in-app purchases and subscription revenue data to determine the full LTV of your users.

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  • Flexible Lookback Windows

    Flexibility in defining click and impression lookback windows allows you to set campaign goals and can significantly impact your bottom line.

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  • TV 어트리뷰션

    방송 매체 캠페인의 성과를 마지막 1원까지 손쉽게 측정할 수 있기 때문에, 멀티채널 캠페인을 최적화할 수 있습니다.

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  • 옴니채널 LTV

    Server-to-server integration ties together your media, customer engagement, and purchase activity to help optimize your omni-channel marketing efforts.

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  • Unlimited Rich In-App Events

    Measure and sync unlimited in-app events with ad networks and analytics providers, and kiss manual integrations goodbye.

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  • Fraud Prevention & Detection

    Our unique scale enables data-driven protection from the most advanced types of fraud, including device farms and advanced bots.

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  • Ad Spend Measurement

    Get cost and ROI data to measure the true effectiveness of ad campaigns across 175 different ad networks.

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  • Validation Rules

    Enforce your campaign targeting and customize your fraud protection, block attribution for installs that don’t meet your defined targeting.

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  • Audiences Segmentation

    The most robust and dynamic segmentation solution in the world, combining attribution and customized event values.

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  • 사용자정의 대시보드

    A simple drag-and-drop UI makes it easy to use the right visuals, KPIs and filters for reporting on a single app or across multiple apps.

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