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Configurable Attribution Window

Giving Advertisers Flexibility to Make Better Business Decisions

A configurable attribution window is a pre-definable time frame within which an install can be attributed to a ad click or view. Configurable attribution windows offer mobile advertisers more flexibility for specific short-term and long-term needs. They can more accurately calculate CPI (cost per install) and ROI and make better informed business decisions.

One effective use of a configurable attribution window is running campaigns that are limited in time frame. For example, if you run a 24-hour campaign, you would want to configure your attribution window to one day. This will maximize the accuracy of your cost-per-install calculation.

Ad networks tend to prefer longer attribution windows which offer more opportunities for revenue. If an install occurs outside the time frame of a relatively short attribution window, it is counted as organic, i.e., the media source doesn’t get the attribution and therefore does not get paid.

When the option is available, the advertiser decides how long the attribution window should be based on their specific needs and own attribution logic.

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