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Raw Data

Diving Deep into Data: Slicing, Dicing and Analyzing

When we explore data, we often refer to two types: aggregated data and raw data. Most strong analytics products and platforms offer downloadable, well formatted raw data reports that are analysis-ready. Though these massive CSV files may seem daunting to the uninitiated, savvy mobile app marketers always find new and novel ways to use raw data to optimize performance.

Raw data reports provide mobile app marketers with access to everything their attribution and analytics providers measure at the user level. Marketers can dive deep into their data; slicing, dicing and analyzing in numerous ways.

To squeeze every last drop from the data lemon you need all data logs, ideally via an API transfer (if you support it) and/or direct access from the dashboard to cover all your bases in case the line is down.

Raw data contains a treasure trove of information and can provide insights many marketers never even thought possible. What days of the week are users most active? Are purchases frequently made within a specific geographic proximity to bricks-and-mortar locations? The possibilities are endless. This data can be used for highly targeted retargeting campaigns, to build better-targeted messages, identify potential fraud, and so much more.

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