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TV Attribution

Are Your TV Ads Bringing Installs?

TV attribution refers to the matching of an app install back to a TV ad impression. To make the match, advertisers establish both where (what city) the ad was aired and a window of time from the moment the ad was aired. Every install, including organic installs, that occurred in that city within the window is attributed to that ad impression.

To measure the ad’s impact, app marketers calculate the average number of organic installs during the same time and location for the few weeks prior to the ad airing. Then they measure that against the results from the attribution window they defined for the ad view.

TV UA (user acquisition) is not only measurable, it also offers user-level insights and the possibility of granular segmentation. These can be used to create personalized retargeting or re-engagement campaigns on owned channels such as push notifications or email blasts. Personalized messaging leads to much higher engagement.

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