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Unbiased Attribution

Taking the High Road of Mobile Measurement

Unbiased attribution refers to mobile attribution and marketing measurement providers that have no monetary relationship with ad networks or affiliate networks. When selecting an attribution or fraud solution provider, be careful to avoid companies with anything other than your best interests at heart. Truly unbiased attribution means that the attribution provider’s only financial interest is in the advertiser’s success. Though all attribution providers claim to deliver unbiased measurement, this is simply untrue. 

There are two large US-based attribution providers that offer paid products for networks. This raises concerns among marketers that their marketing performance data may be biased toward specific ad networks and therefore compromised.

In one case, an attribution and mobile marketing company derives a significant portion of its revenues from affiliate networks. Many of these networks also happen to be among the worst perpetrators of fraud. To claim to offer “unbiased” attribution and fraud protection while earning revenue from affiliate networks is a contradiction in terms. This has caused many marketers to take their business elsewhere.

The second US-based attribution provider claiming to be unbiased offers both a paid partnership program and paid products for ad networks. More recently, this attribution company has also begun working with a large mobile publisher to build their in-product advertising platform. Though these revenues are attractive, there is a clear conflict of interest — the provider offering paid products to ad networks while measuring the impact of these same ad networks. As awareness of these biases and conflicts of interest have come to light, marketers have abandoned this provider in droves.


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