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Uninstall Measurement

Why Are Users Uninstalling? How Can This Be Minimized?

Uninstall measurement allows mobile app marketers to measure the number of users who removed an app from their device during a specific time frame and attribute them back to a specific media source. A high uninstall rate is a clear signal that something is wrong. It could be poor app performance, unmet user expectations, sub-optimal user onboarding, etc. Therefore, it’s important to know when and why users uninstalled an app and make every effort to minimize these occurrences.

With the uninstall-rate metric, marketers can optimize advertising budgets and strategy with media sources that provide the highest value users. You can dive deep into your UA (user acquisition) data to understand which channels, media sources, campaigns, publishers, countries, and creatives delivered loyal users and which delivered high uninstall rates – then shift budgets accordingly.

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