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Integrating with AppsFlyer provides the world’s largest advertisers with the ability to easily and quickly start working with and attributing performance to your network. Advertisers who use AppsFlyer can easily sync their attribution, engagement and retention data with their ad network partners, providing partner networks with access to quality, real-time data.

The Benefits of a Universal SDK

AppsFlyer’s SDK connects advertisers to the entire mobile ecosystem, allowing them to easily work with over 5,000 integrated partners. By removing the technical barriers of adding new SDKs, advertisers gain the flexibility to work with multiple ad networks and add new partners without needing to wait for development resources. Furthermore, AppsFlyer fully configures each postback to meet the network’s standard formatting, making it easier for advertisers to sync their in-app engagement data from AppsFlyer to any of our partners – so networks have access to the right in-app events, without needing to troubleshoot SDK integrations with each advertiser.

Managing and Accessing Data

AppsFlyer’s partners have access to their own reporting and management dashboards, making it easy for partners to access their performance data right in the AppsFlyer dashboard. Furthermore, fully formatted postbacks sync the marketer’s relevant data in real time, allowing ad networks to tweak and optimize campaigns via their own backend. While many ad networks prefer automated data transfer to their backend BI, we also offer a manual data-export option for those who prefer to performance their own analysis before importing any data.

The new Partner Dashboards provide ad networks with access to a range of exportable raw data reports including:

  • Install postback reports
  • In-app event postback reports
  • Retention reports
  • Retargeting report

In addition, advertisers have the option to grant partners permission to setup and configure their attribution links and in-app events. This helps partners verify that data parameters are properly passing to their backend and further minimizes the opportunities for human error while saving advertisers time.

Ad networks that are also Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs) further enjoy the benefits AppsFlyer’s status as an official Facebook MMP. AppsFlyer’s deeper access to Facebook postback data helps FMPs refine and optimize their campaigns.

Attribution that Helps You Stand Out - Cost, View-Through and Multi-Touch Attribution

AppsFlyer’s rich reporting help ad networks demonstrate the full impact of every dollar spent. Syncing cost data helps advertisers determine the eCPI, eCPA and ROI delivered by your network.

Additionally, AppsFlyer’s primary attribution uses the last-click attribution model. That means that if your ad was the last one this user saw or clicked before an install, your network will be credited with this install. However, your network will still receive credit for an “assist” even if you didn’t deliver the last impression prior to install, thanks to AppsFlyer’s multi-touch attribution. By demonstrating the ad network’s efficacy via both last-click and assisted install attribution, ad networks receive optimal recognition of their efforts and impact. In addition, by providing networks and advertisers with the option to enable impression and view-through attribution, there are click and view-through attribution options.

The Integration Process

Integrating with AppsFlyer is a piece of cake. This process is usually completed within 48 hours – from start to finish. To start, send us your click URL and postback URLs for installs and in-app events (aka postbacks). Once we collect these URLs, we will apply them globally for all clients. In contrast, other attribution providers require that clients collect these parameter on a per-client basis.

Now that the basics are covered, we are ready to delve in the deeper integrations – which is where many networks really stand apart. For example, dozens of ad networks sync cost data to AppsFlyer, and hundreds more are in the process of enabling this feature. By syncing media cost data with AppsFlyer, your advertisers will be able to automatically calculate the eCPI, eCPA and ROI of your campaigns, demonstrating the full impact of every dollar they spend on your network.

Building Business Relationships

The AppsFlyer Partner Development Team serves as a catalyst for building stronger business connections between ad networks and advertisers. Right from the AppsFlyer dashboard, advertisers can sort through over 5,000 partners by capabilities, select an ad network and request an introduction. This is a very popular feature and has helped forge a number of stronger, ongoing advertiser – ad network relationships.

Additionally, the AppsFlyer Partner Development Team works closely with leading ad networks and innovative advertisers to help explore and beta-test new ad products. In the past year alone, we have participated in over a dozen closed beta programs, many of which have since gone on to great success and are now some of the most popular products in the industry. By working closely with advertisers and ad networks, AppsFlyer helps build bridges, providing data and performance clarity for pre-launch, private beta and newly launched ad products.

In fact, one major ad network recently beta-tested their latest private-beta exclusively with AppsFlyer and AppsFlyer advertisers, providing our interested advertisers of scale with behind the scenes access to the latest innovations and the ad network with deep performance insights prior to launch, a number of which went on to become major proof points for the product.

CoMarketing with AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer works closely with partners in number of ways. Partners are an important component of our solution, and core to our advertiser-centric offering. As such, maintaining strong, strategic relationships is key to our success, and the success of the entire ecosystem.

As the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, we regularly engage our partners in an array of joint-marketing activities.  

By contributing guest posts for our global or localized blog, partners bring their expertise and insights to the conversation and our advertisers. This is a great way to share your unique perspective and reach a different class of advertisers. Similarly, the AppsFlyer team is also available to contribute to partner blogs and publications.

AppsFlyer’s data studies are regularly cited by industry press and thought leaders across the globe at major events. We have and continue to publish joint data-studies and thought leadership data stories with our partners. On that note, case studies are a great way to highlight the power of our combined solutions, and have become very popular across an array of partners. Other opportunities include joint events, parties and educational workshops.

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