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Behavioral Anomalies

What are Behavioral Anomalies:

Behavioral anomalies are a class of mobile fraud protection that includes both bots and malware that are nearly undetectable. As bots and malware have become more sophisticated, some have developed the ability to simulate a set of functions, sending seemingly legitimate click, install and in-app event reports.

Protect360 behavioral anomalies

Why is This Important:

Constantly analyzing anonymous behavioral patterns across billions of users, both human and non-human, differences emerge and become visible. Protect360, applies an automated machine learning solution that identifies potential non-human behavioral anomalies in near real-time. Once validated by data scientists, Protect360 will automatically block attribution from sources sending this non-human traffic. 


Why AppsFlyer:

AppsFlyer’s unique scale allows for measurement and understanding of behavioral engagement patterns on multiple levels – such as by app, region, media source and publisher. Non-human behavioral patterns are identified in near real-time, and blocked at the source or blocked by our innovative post-attribution retroactively once identified as fraud.


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